Special Education Assistant - Behavior Support Classroom

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Special Education


Special Education Assistant

Position Purpose
To assist classroom teachers in the instructional process, reinforcing instruction to individual or small groups of students in a classroom environment. Assist in the preparation of instructional materials and implementation of lesson plans and provide routine support. Assist students with academic and/or physical needs in order for students to access the educational environment.

Essential Functions

  • Develop positive respectful relationships with students and staff.
  • Work in a positive, effective manner in the inclusion environment with students and staff.
  • Be punctual with all assignments, professional in manner and speech, and notify co-workers and building administration prior to necessary absences.
  • Effectively collaborate and share information with the teacher of record.
  • Effectively answer questions and assist students with organizational skills, staying on task, and reviewing/re-teaching skills.
  • Assist classroom teacher with daily duties.
  • Facilitate small group instruction.
  • Complete clerical duties as assigned by teacher.
  • Supervise student behavior and activities.
  • Lift and move students.
  • Diapering and assisting with toileting.
  • Other duties may be assigned

Pay Rate
$14.00 per hour.

Work Schedule
182 day position

"6.5 hours - 7 hours
Hours are dependent upon building needs and classroom assistance as determined by the Director of Special Education."

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Ability to read and write.
  • Willingness to help special needs children.
  • Effective human relations skills that include a calm, patient personality.

Physical and Mental Demands, Work Hazards

Seldom = Less than 25% Occasional = 26 to 50% Often = 51 to 75% Very Frequent = Greater than 75%
Physical Requirement Percentage of Time
Ability to stand for extended periods of time.  Very Frequent
Ability to lift 25 pounds.  Very Frequent
Ability to carry 25 pounds.  Very Frequent
Ability to work at a desk, conference table or in meetings of various configurations.  Very Frequent
Ability to see for the purpose of reading laws and codes, rules and policies and other printed matter.  Very Frequent
Ability to communicate so others will be able to clearly understand a normal conversation.  Very Frequent
Ability to reach in all directions.  Very Frequent

  • Ability to read and write.

  • Previous experience is preferred.

FLSA Status:       Non-Exempt

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