Special Education Teacher

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Special Education


8 hours per day, 185 days per year
*Licensed staff new to Westminster Public Schools is contracted for 190 days the first year*
Apply online at mywps.org. A complete application package includes the following:
•Copy of CDE teaching license 
•Official transcripts 
•3 letters of recommendation 
•Copy of PRAXIS/PLACE report 
•Teacher Insight score

*Obtained a valid CO license as a Special Education Teacher (Generalist or Affective Needs)
*Candidates with endorsements in CLDE, Bilingual Ed, Foreign Language, and/or sheltered content or other English Language instructional training desired
*Has strong background or desire to work successfully with students with Significant Emotional Disabilities (SED)
*Is knowledgeable and can apply research-based curriculum and intervention for students based on their emotional needs
*Understands the importance of personal-social competencies for success in school and beyond
*Can serve as a positive role model for students by demonstrating skills from which students can emulate
*Understands the IEP development and implementation process
*Demonstrates competency in student evaluation and assessment for IEP decision-making purposes and monitoring student progress
*Has thorough understanding and application of curriculum modifications and accommodations needed to eventually access the general curriculum
*Is willing to fulfill teaching responsibilities under a Competency-Based instructional model
*Demonstrates exceptional interpersonal relationships and professionalism with students, staff, parents and administrators
*Has experience and/or skills working with culturally diverse populations desired
*Holds high expectations for assigned students to ensure positive student outcomes
*Once an initial selection has been made, the candidate will be required to demonstrate having COVID immunization.

*To support the Vision and Mission for the Instructional Services Center (ISC)
*To provide high-quality academic and behavioral instruction, per the ISC's expectations and the Instructional Model
*To employ competency-based expectations for student growth and achievement
*To use achievement and behavioral data to inform instructional or programmatic decisions on behalf of students
*To implement continuous system of evaluations and progress monitoring for students
*To write accurate and legally defensible Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for students
*To support the transition of students who enter and exit the ISC
*To facilitate IEP meetings and Initial/Triennial SPED Staffings for case-managed students
*To be part of an IEP team to make special education eligibility decisions as a result of focused, yet thorough assessment practices
*To serve as a collaborative and positive faculty presence within the program
*To establish an effective system for classroom discipline per Board Policy and building regulations
*To participate in state and locally required professional development
*To utilize assigned Paraprofessionals in a positive, effective, results-based manner to support student needs
*To perform other related duties as assigned by supervisor

Westminster Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  District policy prohibits discrimination against any applicant on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, genetic information, marital status, or disability. Complaints in these matters should be addressed to the Chief of Staff, 6933 Raleigh Street, Westminster, CO 80030, phone: (303) 428-3511.  Although the position is based at a school/department, the employer is Westminster Public Schools.

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