Elementary School Principal

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Position Areas
Public School


Position Summary: 
Provide leadership, supervision, and coordination of the educational program within the school.

Students, teachers, and all professional, paraprofessional, and non-certificated staff attached to the school.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervises the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of all school program and activities.
  • Conducts, supervises, or participates in the evaluation of all certificated and non-certificated staff members attached to the school.
  • Interviews candidates for professional and non-professional positions; recommends appointments to the Superintendent; and provides orientation programs.
  • Conducts, supervises, or participates in staff development and curriculum improvement efforts.
  • Organizes and supervises systems for monitoring student progress; directs modification to programs, methods, and materials indicated by monitoring efforts.
  • Provides effective leadership in efforts to accomplish system-wide goals and objectives.
  • Establishes and maintains an effective learning climate in the school; maintains high standards of student conduct; carries out necessary disciplinary actions in accordance with state regulations, district policy, and due process.
  • Prepares or supervises the preparation of reports, records, lists, and all other paperwork required or appropriate to the administration of the school and to keeping the Superintendent apprised of problems, incidents, and activities.
  • Insures that student record keeping procedures comply with state and federal law and district policy.  Establishes procedures for safe storage and integrity of all school records.
  • Participates in Child Study Team meetings or delegates that responsibility to another administrator (e.g., Assistant Principal or Director of Guidance and Student Personnel Services); ensures that procedures followed comply with state regulations.
  • Provides for effective communication with, and active involvement of, parents and the school community; supervises efforts to keep parents informed of their child’s progress and works with them to resolve problems.
  • Prepares and administers the school budget; supervises school finances and the maintenance of school funds.
  • Establishes procedures for the security and accountability of all school facilities, property, and equipment.  Assumes responsibility for health, safety and welfare of students and staff, including the planning for such emergencies as fire, storms, accidents and the training of students and staff in the procedures to be followed.
  • Attends school-sponsored activities, functions, athletic events, and special events held to recognize student achievement.
  • Serves as a member of such task forces and committees, and attends such meetings, as the Superintendent shall direct.
  • Assumes responsibilities for the implementation and observance of all Board policies and regulations by the staff and students.
  • Delegates authority to responsible personnel to assume responsibility for the school in the absence of the Principal.
  • Keeps abreast of changes and developments in the profession by attending professional meetings, reading professional journals and other publications; carries out individual professional improvement plan required by N.J.A.C. 6:3-1.21.
  • Performs other duties and carries out other responsibilities that may be assigned by the Superintendent.
  • NDOE principal certificate or certificate of eligibility
  • Master’s Degree
  • 3 years prior teaching experience
  • Prior school administration/supervision experience preferred
Terms of Employment:  Twelve months
In accordance with New Jersey Administrative Code and Board of Education policy on evaluation of staff.
Application Procedure:
To apply for this position, please go to http://www.ridgewood.k12.nj.us/ and click on the JOB OPPORTUNITIES link to complete the application process.  Please do not mail, email or bring resumes to the district HR office or to any school.  Unsolicited paper documents will be discarded.
The position will remain open until filled.
The Ridgewood Public School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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