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Job Focus:           To assist the Principal with the management of all aspects of a school building, program, and staff, by carrying out specific duties, and by, in the absence of the Principal, assuming the duties of that leadership position.
Line of Supervision:   Responsible to and evaluated by the Principal.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Discipline – initial referrals by alpha slice and issue consequences
  2. Assumes primary responsibility for all aspects of student attendance, including record keeping, reporting, monitoring, and performing investigative follow-up on absentee cases.
  3. Assumes primary responsibility for supervising student transportation, health, food service, and after school student activities.
  4. Assists the Principal with the development of academic and program schedules.
  5. Assists in conducting safety inspections and emergency drills.
  6. Assists with the ordering of supplies and/or services requested by staff, making sure that forms are filled out properly and routed to proper channels for processing.
  7. Conducts inventories of supplies stored within building, maintains proper records of disbursements, and supervises their use.
  8. Supervises students placed in after school detention for rule infraction.
  9. Coordinates scheduling of teachers and para-professionals to assist with the duty of lunch supervision in classrooms.
  10. Conducts observations, both formal and informal of staff, as well as formally evaluates staff as assigned.
  11. Coordinates (and supervises) all risk management programs for district personnel.
  12. Assists in insuring safety of all students/staff, while on school property.
  13. Guards the confidentiality of all information placed in charge of his office. Breach of this trust shall be grounds for dismissal.
  14. Performs such other duties as requested by the Principal, which are within the scope of his/her administrative duties.
  15.  Performs such other duties as may be requested by the Superintendent of Schools.
Minimum Qualifications:

1.    Has a valid administrative license from the Illinois State Board of Education.
2.      Has at least (3) three years of successful experience as a classroom teacher.
3.      Such additional qualifications as the Board of Education may deem appropriate.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 200 days per year.  Salary and other benefits as established by the Board of Education.

Additional Notes: Rickover Junior High is a 6-8 grade school with approximately 500 students

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