Custodian - PM Shift

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Non-Instructional Support


Functional Capacity Assessment Required

Qualifications:        High School Diploma; Working knowledge of a building’s basic HVAC systems, technical competencies including use of computer, maintenance, landscaping, cleaning supplies and chemicals
Reports to:              Building Administrators and Director of Facilities and Transportation
Evaluation:             As per association agreement
Work Calendar:       Full-Time, 12 month position as per association agreement
Position Goal:        To enhance the educational environment by effectively, efficiently and thoroughly performing cleaning, maintenance, landscaping, and security tasks

The Custodian shall be responsible for the following duties and perform other duties as directed by the immediate supervisor or administration:


  • Adhere to and observe all Board of Education policies and regulations and administrative rules and procedures


  • Keep building and premises, including sidewalks, driveway, stairwells and play areas, neat and clean
  • Display the United States and Illinois Flags from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. on school days
  • Open, close, and secure the building each day and lock all windows and doors; leave security lights on only
  • Sweep and/or vacuum classrooms and offices daily
  • Dust all furniture in classrooms and offices daily
  • Keep exit doors open and panic bolts in working order when building is occupied
  • Clean corridors during the school day as needed, and weekly or more often as needed after school
  • Wet mop and disinfect toilet floors on a daily basis
  • Sanitize and disinfect drinking fountains, urinals, toilet bowls, and other fixtures daily
  • Clean all whiteboards once a week, more often if requested
  • Clean glass on all entrance and classroom doors daily
  • Maintain an inventory of all supplies and equipment
  • Oversee all tools, supplies, key equipment, and other movable property stored and used in the building
  • Restock disposable items
  • Immediately report any damage of school property to the Principal and provide any relative information of how damage occurred
  • Clean the kitchen and cafeteria daily
  • Provide minor repairs/maintenance: repair/replace pencil sharpeners, furniture, plumbing stoppage/leaks, light switches etc.
  • Report major needed repairs to Principal for requisition
  • Be on duty for all entertainment or athletic events that take place outside the regular work hours as requested
  • Provide emergency situation duties such as blood/body fluid spills, false fire alarms, broken glass, and vandalism etc.
  • Wash all windows – inside and outside – twice a year or more often as needed
  • Scrub, strip and, wax floors once a year or more often as needed
  • Buff floors weekly
  • Comply with local law relative to storage and disposal of trash and waste
  • Keep sidewalks, driveways and steps free of ice, and snow and salt areas as directed
  • Keep grounds free from rubbish
  • Cut grass, trim trees and shrubs, and provide general maintenance of the lawn and grounds


  • Conduct an extensive and comprehensive cleaning of the building and repairing chairs and desks as determined by Director of Facilities and Transportation


  • Remain on the school property during work hours
  • Maintain confidentiality relative to all conversations, forms and other materials as related to this position
  • Work independently with self-motivation
  • Exercise good judgment, tact and discretion
  • Work effectively and respectively with others
  • Attend meetings, seminars and workshops to remain curren in related areas of this position
  • Be knowledgeable of and adhere to the District Safety Plan
  • Always work to ensure the safety of self and others
  • Develop a positive and friendly working relationship with administration, staff, students, parents and guests
  • Follow oral and written instructions while dealing with interruptions and multiple demands, workload and demands
  • Be prepared to work indoors and outdoors and expect exposure to wet, humid, hot and cold weather conditions

Physical Demands:

  • Ability to move furniture, desks, shelving, table, maintenance supplies, and food
  • Pull out and put away lunch tables
  • Frequently prolonged body movements including stooping, bending, kneeling, lifting, standing, walking, climbing, twisting, stretching and reaching
  • Repeated body movements of pushing, pulling and lifting of 80+ pounds
  • Must be able to move and use ladders
  • Exposure to noise and activity levels associated with school life
  • Ability to withstand exposure to outdoor and indoor elements; rain, humidity, snow wind, noise and other hot and cold weather elements.

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