Substitute Day to Day Teacher

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Job Title
Position Title: Substitute Day to Day Teacher
Location: Various Schools- Harper Woods School District       
Salary:  $200 per day  
Reports to: Principal/Designee
Benefits Eligible: MESSA - ACA 

Position Summary

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Must possess 60 credit hours or higher from an accredited college/university 
Essential Functions: 
  • Evaluate and assess students’ progress on a periodic basis.
  • Monitor individual student’s progress.
  • Reports to the building Principal or designee at the appointed time per the local school.
  • Reviews with the Principal, Administrator or designee, all plans, schedules and complies with the Student Code of Conduct guidelines during the instructional day. 
  • Maintains, as fully as possible, the established routines and procedures for the school and classroom to which he/she is assigned. 
  • Teaches the lesson outlined and described and prepared by the absent teacher, Principal or designee. Consults with the building Principal, Administrator or designee before initiating any teaching or other procedures. 
  • Assumes responsibility for overseeing pupil behavior in class, maintains classroom management and control in class, as well as during lunch and recess periods.
  • Reports, in writing on the form(s) provided by the school secretary, on the day’s activities at the end of each teaching day.
  • Follows all District policies, work rules and procedures to which regular teachers are subject and which good teaching practice dictate.
  • Take corrective measures to enhance student-learning abilities.
  • Instruct students on proper use of equipment, materials, and textbooks.
  • Maintain inventory of instructional materials, aids and equipment.
  • Maintain accurate complete student records, take attendance and prepare reports.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal/Designee.

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