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Arlington Heights School District 25 has an opening for a full-time (1.0 FTE) Occupational Therapist for the 2022-23 school year, specific school location to be determined.

Job Summary:
Must have experience with students with a variety of disabilities, including students with autism, behavior disorders, and other learning and cognitive delays.

Please see the attached job description for complete details.


  • Must possess a valid license to practice occupational therapy as defined in the Illinois Occupational Therapy Practice Act, and whose license is in good standing; and
  • meet the license requirements established by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations.
  • Preferred candidates will have experience working with students in a trans-disciplinary model.
  • Preferred candidates will speak a second language.

The specific duties and responsibilities of the Occupational Therapist shall include, but not be limited to the following activities and duties:

  1. serve as a member of an IEP team to screen, diagnose, and to determine eligibility for occupational therapy services for the child;
  2. complete all required components of the occupational therapy case study evaluation;
  3. enhance student mobility and participation in educational activities by increasing strength, accuracy, and speed;
  4. improve manipulative skills for self-care and paper/pencil tasks through reach, grasp, and dexterity;
  5. enhance comfort , participation, and attending by maintaining functional postures;
  6. increase functional use of hands and visual regard by providing stable positions;
  7. ensure independence in feeding and oral motor skills for safety and nourishment;
  8. facilitate safety in the school environment by decreasing the possibility of injury to student's self or others as he/she moves or performs skills/tasks;
  9. improve success for fine motor school tasks by increasing coordination of eye-hand movements;
  10. increase functional use of extremities through adapted equipment;
  11. enhance ability to learn through sensorimotor activities that address motor planning, attending, and behavior issues;
  12. facilitate student's independence through access to assistive technology;
  13. perform consultative and/or resource services to parents, classroom teachers, and other professional personnel; and
  14. be responsible for all aspects of budgeting, purchasing, and program planning within the occupational therapy budget
Application Procedure:

Please complete the online application and upload the following documents:

  • a current resume
  • three letters of recommendation
  • a photocopy of all academic transcripts
  • a photocopy of license

All supporting documents should be electronically attached to your online application.  Please address cover letter to:
Dr. Brian Kaye
Assistant Superintendent for Personnel & Planning
Arlington Heights School District 25
1200 South Dunton Avenue
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005-3122

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