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Non-Instructional Support


TITLE: Mechanic

REPORTS TO: Coordinator of Transportation/Transportation Shop Foreman

JOB OBJECTIVES: (Purpose of the position):
Ensure that all vehicles are maintained in a safe condition in order to transport students to locations served by the school system; maintain maintenance of the vehicles to ensure reliability of the vehicles to enable the maintenance workers to perform their duties

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS (Functions essential for attaining job objectives)

Strategic Goal Area I – Student Achievement
1. Support the safe transport of students to and from school in order to support student learning

Strategic Goal Area II – Stakeholder Engagement & Loyalty
1. Cooperate with and maintain a good relationship with transportation personnel

Strategic Goal Area III – Efficient and Effective Organizational Processes
1. Perform preventative maintenance and inspection programs as required by the laws of the State of Georgia, the Georgia Department of Education, and Carroll County Board of Education policies
2. Perform inspections, overhaul, repair and reconditioning of buses, vehicles, other standard, and specialized machinery and equipment
3. Diagnose malfunctions, disassemble engines and transmissions, and examine parts for defects
4. Recondition and replace defective parts, such as pistons, bearings, gears, valves and bushings, using proper hand tools and precision measuring equipment and tests, adjusts, and times all types of engines
5. Perform emergency road services and attend to other problems needing immediate attention during working and non-working hours
6. Perform service jobs such as lubrication, tire repair, and cleaning of bus/automotive equipment
7. Keep records of work performed
8. Participate in housekeeping duties to include shop cleanup, grounds maintenance, and dressing room/work area

Strategic Goal Area IV – Continuous System and School Improvement
1. Attain the proper training in inspection, overhaul, repair and reconditioning of vehicles
2. Perform other duties as assigned by the Coordinator of Transportation and Transportation Shop Foreman

1. Adhere to the Code of Ethics for Educators in Georgia
2. Demonstrate prompt and regular attendance/timelines
3. Complete assignments and requirements on time and in compliance with directions
4. Maintain accurate, complete, and appropriate records and file reports promptly
5. Communicate effectively with shop personnel, transportation supervisors, and school bus drivers
6. Exhibit pleasant behavior and project a positive image when dealing with shop personnel, transportation supervisors, and school bus drivers

JOB STANDARDS (Minimum qualifications needed to perform essential job functions):
1. Hold a valid CDL or agree to obtain license in a reasonable time span, not to exceed one year
2. Must possess a MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) that meets guidelines set forth in policy
3. Ability to drive a manual transmission
4. Satisfactory reference review
5. Ability to perform emergency road services
6. Must possess a High School Diploma or GED
7. Must attend the Georgia Department of Education School Bus Technicians Workshop every other year

1. Possess ASE Certification—(Automotive Service Excellence)
2. Should be able to perform all phases of repair as well as diagnosis of minor and major repairs on engines as described in experience description, which is, Experience: Mid range diesel engines to include: Detroit diesel, Navistar, Cummins and Mercedes. All gasoline engines, school bus bodies and chassis, hydraulic and air brake systems, steering components, manual and automatic transmissions, drive lines and rear axles, minimum of five years job training
3. Diagnose problems with fuel systems; repair and replace minor parts on engine and fuel systems; overhaul engines in or out of frame; remove and re-install engine and components to serviceable and operational condition; diagnose minor and major problems with ignition and electrical systems to include turn signals, hazard and 4-way signals and 8-way warning light with monitor systems, repair or replace minor or major engine parts; charge systems to include batteries
4. Ability to diagnose and repair hydraulic and air brake systems to include all phases of repair (rebuild caliper, hydro booster, air brake valves and brake chambers, turn and true rotors and drums; power steering pump and gears, king pins, bushings, tie rod ends, and front axle components; rear axle gear and other hubs; drive line and components
5. Diagnosis and repair or rebuild transmissions (automatic and manual); clutch and pressure plate

JOB LOCATION (Place(s) where work is performed):
Carroll County Schools Transportation Department

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