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REPORTS TO: School Principal  JOB OBJECTIVES: (Purpose of the position):  



To provide counseling and guidance services to students within the school  ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS (Functions essential to attaining job objectives):  Strategic Goal Area I –Student Achievement  

1. Work with the staff and pupils of feeder schools to facilitate a smooth transition. (Fifth grade to sixth grade and eighth grade to ninth grade). 

2. Counsel with pupils giving them the opportunity to have their problems considered individually. 

3. Give to pupils the information necessary to make wise decisions in educational, vocational, and social planning. 

4. Advise pupils with regard to their educational, vocational, or social adjustments and problems. 

5. Evaluate pupils for ability or achievement grouping 

6. Refer pupils needing more intensive diagnosis to specialists and cooperating agencies. 

Strategic Goal Area II – Stakeholder Engagement and Loyalty  

1. Counsel with teachers and pupils concerning pupil management. 

2. Interpret the program of guidance services to parents and community organizations. 

3. Identify needs for guidance that are unique in the school and community. 

4. Work to improve the communications between home and school, and the school and home. 

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Job Description—Counselor  

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Strategic Goal Area III – Efficient and Effective Operational Processes  

1. Work with the school principal and teachers in establishing programs to meet the individual needs of pupils. 

2. Assist Testing Coordinator in administering the testing program and assist pupils with the interpretation of results. 

Strategic Goal Area IV – Continuous System and School Improvement  

1. Conduct follow-up studies of former pupils to facilitate evaluation of the total school program. 

2. Performs such other duties and tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time. 

JOB STANDARDS (Minimum qualifications needed to perform essential job functions):  1. Three years of working experience and/or internship 

2. School counseling/guidance certification 

3. Such alternatives to the above as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable JOB LOCATION (Place(s) where work is performed):  

Local school site  

EQUIPMENT (Machines, devices, tools, etc., used in job performance):  Current Technology  

CRITICAL SKILLS/EXPERTISE (Needed for this job specifically):  1. Communication skills 

2. Knowledge of community agencies and services 

3. Knowledge of school board policies, discipline codes and procedures FLSA: Exempt 

Name Evaluation Instrument for this job description:  

Georgia School Counselor Evaluation Program  

09/16/2010: Date job description approved by the board of education  09/16/2010: Date evaluation instrument reviewed by the board of education

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