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DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT                                                                                             1002AR


  1. At least ten years of successful experience in teaching and school administration including building level experience as principal
  2. A master’s degree or higher
  3. A valid superintendent’s certificate
  4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable
REPORTS TO:  Superintendent
  1. Assistant Superintendent for Support Services
  2. Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning
  3. Principals
  4. Other departments as assigned
JOB GOAL:  To coordinate instructional and support services by providing assistance to the administrators, teachers, and support staff throughout Oldham County Schools so that every child is involved in an educational program that meets that child’s learning needs and supports mastery of the skills required to demonstrate the educational outcomes and exit standards of the District.
  1. Provide leadership and expertise in assessing, identifying, formulating, and implementing district educational goals and objectives.
  2. Collaborate with the Assistant Superintendent of Student Support and Assistant Superintendent of Student Learning to ensure progress is made toward achieving the goals and objectives of the district.
  3. Provide supervision and evaluation of district administrators under his/her supervision and assist the Superintendent in evaluating building principals.
  1. Serves, as necessary, in the absence of the Superintendent, as the chief administrative officer of the school district.
  2. Provide formative input regarding strategic planning to support the Board of Education and the Superintendent.
  3. Provides leadership in the development of processes, strategies, and feasibility planning to ensure the necessary human and monetary resources are appropriately utilized to achieve the designated outcomes of the district.
  4. Works collaboratively with the Student Learning Team of the district to develop and assure our leaders receive state-of-the-art professional development.
  5. Attends board meetings and prepares such reports as the Superintendent may request.
  6. Recommends to the Superintendent policies under his/her supervision that would support the district achieving its goals and objectives.
  7. Researches and gathers information on a variety of results-based programs and instructional strategies which would enhance the instructional programming of schools to meet the needs of every student and achieve the district’s goals and objectives.
  8. Collaborates with the Assistant Superintendent of Student Support, Assistant Superintendent of Student Learning, and building principals in implementation and monitoring the impact of programming on student learning and achievement for P-12.
  9. Collaborates with the Assistant Superintendent of Student Learning and Building Principals on the alignment of School Improvement Plans with the District Improvement Plan and the District Strategic Plan.
  10. Ensures Oldham County Schools are compliant with federal and state reporting guidelines and implementation of federal and state programs and funding
  11. Attends meetings, conferences, and trainings through regional, state, and national organizations to stay current on innovative and research-based programs and opportunities.
  1. Works collaboratively with those who report directly to the Deputy Superintendent in the development and implementation of their professional growth plan.
  1. Collaborates with key stakeholders in the development of the District’s Strategic Plan/District Improvement Plan.
  2. Report quarterly to the Board of Education on the implementation and impact of the Strategic Plan/District Improvement Plan.
  3. Performs other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the Superintendent may assign.
Compensation will be based on 240 contract days on the board-approved Deputy Superintendent salary schedule.

Adopted                                                                  Oldham County Board of Education                                                        April 11, 2022


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