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Position: Teacher - CMS English/Language Arts - Grades 7-8
Reports to:  Building Principal / Central Administration
Position Type: Certified, Teacher Contract, 185 days

  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Valid State of Ohio Teaching Certificate/License
  3. Successful completion of Praxis II in area of licensure or meet Highly Qualified Teacher criteria
  4. Demonstrated experience in teaching
  5. Demonstrated skill in oral and written communication
  6. Willingness to work
  7. Demonstrates good organizational skills
  8. Demonstrates good decision-making skills
  9. Demonstrates good listening skills.
  10. Satisfactory work record
  11. High mental and visual effort required
Overall Duties: The teacher will facilitate student learning in the school district according to policies of the Ohio Department of Education and Chillicothe City Schools. The teacher is responsible for planning, developing and implementing the instructional program in a manner that is consistent with the district’s philosophy and adopted graded courses of study. The teacher maintains highly professional relationships with students, colleagues, parents, and community members and utilizes positive interpersonal skills to build and maintain relationships that support student learning.
The following is a list of specific duties which are considered to be essential functions of this job. The list is not exhaustive. This is consistent with our need to be flexible and responsive to the needs of the community we serve. The employee who occupies this position is expected to assume any/all duties assigned by the Superintendent or the employee’s immediate supervisor, irrespective of whether such duties are specifically included in this list. While an effort has been made to thoroughly describe the customary manner in which this job is performed, reasonable accommodation will be made for qualified individuals with disabilities who may not be able to perform the job in the manner indicated.
Specific Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Displays content knowledge and pedagogy and demonstrates a continuing pursuit of such knowledge  
  2. Planning reflects an understanding of prerequisite relationships among topics and concepts
  3. Planning reflects best practices and anticipates student misconceptions
  4. Displays an understanding of typical student developmental characteristics as well as exceptionalities
  5. Uses knowledge of students’ varied approaches to learning in instructional planning
  6. Displays and applies knowledge of each student’s skills and knowledge, including those with exceptionalities
  7. Sets learning goals that establish high expectations for learning, relate to district’s graded courses of study and established standards and permit viable methods of assessment
  8. Identifies goals that address varied learning needs of students and reflects a balance of various types of thinking skills
  9. Uses a variety of school, district and community resources to enhance instruction
  10. Collaborates with LMS and other staff in the integration of technology in the curriculum
  11. Uses a variety of methods, materials, activities and instructional groupings to support the instructional goals and engage students in meaningful learning
  12. Develops clear lessons and units that promote different learning paths relevant to student needs
  13. Utilizes assessments that are appropriate for students, congruent with instructional goals in both content and process, and are clearly communicated to students. Assessment results are used to plan for student learning
  14. Establishes a classroom environment that creates a comfortable and respectful environment in which student learning and risk-taking are cultivated
  15. Optimizes instructional time through effective planning and monitoring instructional groups, smooth transitions between instructional activities, efficient handling of materials and supplies, and performing non-instructional duties efficiently
  16. Manages student behavior consistently by utilizing student interests, thorough and effective lesson design and taking into consideration the cultural norms of students. Responses to student behavior are purposeful and maintain the dignity of the student. Appropriate behavior is recognized and encouraged.
  17. Organizes the instructional environment to optimize student learning and provide equal access to learning for all students
  18. Communicates learning goals, directions and procedures, modeling a rich well-chosen vocabulary that is developmentally appropriate, and ensures student understanding and follow through
  19. Uses varied instructional strategies that encourage students to think independently, creatively or critically about the content and accommodate students’ questions and interests
  20. Monitors individual students’ understanding of the content and makes appropriate instructional adjustments to enhance individual student’s learning
  21. Provides students with accurate, constructive, substantive, specific and timely feedback about their learning
  22. Persists in seeking effective approaches to assist students in meeting learning goals
  23. Reflects on instruction to determine effectiveness in achieving lesson goals and designing future instruction
  24. Gathers feedback from students, parents and colleagues and uses it to set goals and plan for future learning
  25. Maintains complete accurate records of student assignment completion, academic progress and other pertinent information and maintains confidentiality in accordance with school district policy
  26. Completes student related and other school reports according to guidelines by required dates 
  27. Uses a variety of communication forms to provide information about the instructional program and each student’s progress to families
  28. Engages families in the instructional program and actively seeks parental input into their child’s educational program
  29. Knows and follows school district policies and procedures
  30. Participates in and collaborates with colleagues to plan instruction, school and district projects, committees, and events
  31. Engages in high quality professional development opportunities to meet the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  32. Builds and maintains caring, cooperative, mutually supportive professional relationships with students, parents, colleagues and administrators
  33. Performs other responsibilities assigned by an administrator or supervisor

This job description in no manner states or implies these are the only duties and responsibilities to be performed by the position incumbent.  The incumbent will be requires to follow instructions and perform duties required by the incumbent’s supervisor, appointing authority, or designee.

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