Junior High Classroom Instructional Assistant 2017-18

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Must hold a certificate issued by Illinois State Board of Education.
The certificate status must be active or about to graduate from a state-approved teacher preparation program.


Classroom Instructional Assistant (Junior High) 2017-2018 School Year    Education:  Bachelor's in education or related field with a State of Illinois papraprofessional license or  teaching license.   The position of the instructional assistant is designed to serve individual and groups of students in the classroom and throughout the building site.   I.  Professional Responsibilities Demonstrate good attendance and be on time each day. Display a positive and collaborative nature when working with staff. Encourage a positive learning environment in each setting with the school. Maintain confidentiality of student information. Defer decision-making and questions from parents to the supervising teacher or an administrator. Contribute to the Cove community by attending school events when possible. Sub for classroom teacher as needed. Collect student data under the direction of the classroom teacher.   II.  Instructional Responsibilities Be conscientious in regard to daily schedule and student assignments. Display problem solving skills and flexibility when instructional methods or materials need adaptations. Demonstrate initiative when various students or other staff members need help. Be engaged in all classroom activities. Follow teacher direction. Make appropriate suggestions to promote student achievement. Work with small groups and 1:1 with students under the direction of the classroom teacher.

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