Instructional Supervisor (#317293)

Posted 2 years ago

Instructional Supervisor

The Instructional Supervisor is an employee of Bardwell Group and has a responsibility to facilitate the supervision of instructional staff.

  QUALIFICATIONS: * Masters degree with a concentration in Curriculum and Instruction, or its equivalent, from an accredited institution * Teacher certification meeting criteria established by the Teacher Preparation and Certification Division of the Michigan Department of Education * Experience teaching children in a learning environment. * At least 3 years experience in supervision is preferred. * At least 3 years lead teacher experience * Must meet all applicable state certification and other requirements for position

RESPONSIBILITIES: * Check designated lesson plans * Work with the Superintendent to develop, maintain, and revise curriculum documents on a systematic review and analysis.  The group will complete a written timeline for doing so by the fall of 2015. * Conduct a systematic review of Academy curriculum and instructional materials to determine relevance and to ensure their correlation to the Common Core standards as updated * Work to ensure curricular alignment in all grade levels * In collaboration with the School Leader and Superintendent, determine a schedule for class visitations on a weekly basis to ensure that all staff probationary and permanent are performing at a satisfactory level.  * Assist in the planning and implementation of effective staff development activities that address the mission of the district, program evaluation outcomes, best practices, and input from teachers and others * Teach model lessons to aide teachers when necessary * Motivate the instructional staff to achieve improvement goals * Review lesson plans weekly and evaluate correlation to state standards, variance for differentiated instruction, creativity, and rigor * Serve as PLC Leader * Assist with student discipline only when necessary * Facilitate parent meetings * Fulfill other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent in collaboration with the School Leader