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The Reading Specialist is a specially prepared professional who has responsibility for the literacy performance of readers in general or struggling readers in particular within the school.   The Reading Specialist is an employee of Bardwell Group and reports to the Instructional Supervisors, School Leader/Director, and Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction.

  QUALIFICATIONS: * Bachelors, or its equivalent, from an accredited institution * Michigan K-6 Elementary Teaching Certification with a Reading Specialist endorsement * Minimum of 3 years of successful teaching experience with at least 2 years in the K-12 classroom * Must meet all applicable state certification and other requirements for position


Instructional Program:  The Reading Specialist's full-time job is to improve Reading instruction and to provide targeted reading intervention to students in the school.  Instructional responsibilities include: * Promote interest in reading * Implement, maintain, and evaluate the reading curriculum in grades K-8 * Coordinate the school reading and language arts and primary programs * Coach (e.g. co-teach, model, demonstrate, observe, and provide feedback) classroom teachers on the implementation of core and intervention approaches for K-8           reading and the use of formative assessment data as the basis for instructional decision making; use scaffolding techniques to help teachers become comfortable in implementing evidence-based instructional practices * Provide support for the implementation of the comprehensive reading program and approach  selected  by  PCA  that  addresses  the  five  components  of  reading  (i.e., phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies) in a systematic manner * Become familiar with the administration and interpretation  of  in-depth  diagnostic measures or additional assessments commonly used in the school * Coordinate reading assessments at appropriate grade levels and assist teachers in analyzing the test results * Assist teachers with instructional reading intervention strategies and procedures * Evaluate students with severe reading problems that may require additional support services * Monitor and track individual student progress in reading * Model reading and language arts instruction in K-8 classrooms * Assist in assuring continuity between regular programs and other special areas * Collaboratively select and coordinate all reading and language arts materials used in the classrooms with approval by Administration * Submit appropriate data and reports * Perform other duties as assigned

  Staff Development: * Provide resources  and training opportunities for professional growth for classroom teachers (e.g., through in-service courses, workshops, seminars, conferences etc. as approved by the Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction) on evidence-based reading research and practices * Provide   for   his/her   own   professional   growth  by   attending   in-service  courses, workshops, seminars, conferences etc… * Act as a catalyst for building a school learning community that focuses on integrated learning, building connections across grades

REPORTS TO: School Leader SUPERVISES: Not Applicable

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