Program Aide - West Palm Beach HS (#307369)

Posted a year ago

General Description: Works as part of a team to assist in activities in the areas of the classroom and kitchen as needed. May also assist with special needs children. May be assigned to different locations as deemed necessary for program operations. Participates in the HS/EHS Quality Assurance efforts.

Essential Functions: • Assists classroom staff in all classroom activities, field trips and outdoor activities included in lesson plans. • Assists in developing materials and providing activities related to the cultural background of the children and families served. • Helps supervise at mealtime, eating with the children to encourage good nutrition and social skills. • Helps keep the classroom and its contents clean and orderly. • Assists the teacher in any aspect of the program as needed (i.e. at family nights, copying newsletters, making phone calls, preparing classroom materials, etc.) • Serves as a temporary substitute in the periodic absence of the teacher assistant or teacher. • May work with assigned children with disabilities, supporting the work of the classroom staff, managers, specialists and/or mental health consultant in carrying out the individual plans for children with special needs. • With direction from professional staff, follows IEP/IFSP. • Sanitizes surfaces, picks up and stores materials in the classroom or kitchen to maintain a safe environment. • May assist with janitorial services in the absence of the regular custodian or janitor. • May assist in the preparation of food, logging meals/snacks following USDA/CACFP required documentation for food purchased, prepared and served. • Participates in food service cleanup, inventory and other food service tasks as requested. • Maintains strict confidentiality with respect to HS/EHS children, families and staff in accordance with established policies and procedures. • Attends all required staff and parent meetings and activities. • Attends all workshops and trainings as directed. • Performs other duties as assigned.