Nutrition Director

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$1 - $37,000 per YEAR
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Must hold a license issued by any agency.
The license position area must be in Food Services.
The license must be in one of the following grades: Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th.
The license status must be active.


Primary Purpose Foodservice Supervisors play an important supporting role in helping students and instructional staff at the school and oversees the foodservice staff in the kitchen and lunchroom. They assist administrators in managing all aspects of the kitchen. Foodservice Supervisor’s care for physical facilities and assist to manage school meal programs, Child Nutrition Programs (CNP, National School Lunch Programs (NSLP), Department of Agriculture Programs (DOA), foodservice budgets, state and federal CNP, NSLP and DOA reporting and report regularly to administrators. They build their skills consistently to improve their performance and professionalism.

Through performing the Essential Job Functions, effective communication, reporting, procurement of needed supplies and materials, exceptional public relations skills and superior work-product, the Foodservice Supervisor contributes to a nurturing and engaging learning environment.

Essential Job Functions—General Requires the ability to handle multiple tasks. Requires the ability at times to handle and maintain control in high-stress situations. Requires the ability to maintain confidentiality in all aspects of the job. Ensure that student, staff and family privacy is maintained by withholding any and all personal information on any person(s) from unauthorized recipients. Contribute to a positive work and school environment by maintaining a positive, pleasant demeanor in all situations. Provide positive reinforcement to students, staff and visitors. Requires excellent interpersonal skills to contribute positively to overall school morale. Possess, employ and display excellent customer service skills. Communicate effectively and politely with co-workers, students, volunteers, parents and visitors to the school and foster and maintain cooperative relationships. Requires an attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Ensure school safety by assisting with fire drills and other drills. Attend staff development activities and seminars to enrich job skills and abilities as assigned by administration. Ensure attendance at required meetings and events, including meetings or events at irregular hours or on extended days, including meeting the reasonable expectations of school Administration. Coordinate schedules and meetings. Attend meetings as appropriate or as assigned. Assist with developing and ensuring the school’s positive public image is maintained. Adhere to school and administrative policies as instructed and/or outlined in school policy manuals, handbooks or other corporate materials. Ensure that a requestor receives a timely and appropriate response and/or resolution. Ensure that immediate and effective communication is used to communicate to the requestor when circumstances necessitate a delay in response time. Compile and prepare a variety of records, reports, memorandums, and other materials. Organize and maintain files and records. Ensure that a school historical file is maintained as it relates to the Specific functions and duties of this Job Description. Identify and correct deficiencies within school procedures or systems relating to the Essential Job Functions and provide feedback to appropriate persons on other aspects of the school’s operations. Operate office machines. Perform other duties which may develop or as requested by the Governing Board, Director or Principal and/or the Business Manager. Ensure that all continuing education requirements for school nutrition staff as required by the State and Federal School Lunch programs are met annually.

Essential Job Functions—Specific Kitchen Duties, Cleanliness and Health Department Compliance Ensure compliance with all laws, rules and guidelines of the state Child Nutrition Program, the federal National School Lunch Program and the U.S. Department of Agriculture as they apply to K-12 educational institutions and school-age children, including child nutrition. Ensure compliance with all rules, laws and guidelines of the Utah State Department of Health Ensure compliance with all aspects of reporting to school administration or the board, the City, County, State of Utah or Federal Government and ensure all reports and data are submitted on time, complete and accurate Set up the kitchen in accordance with a defined layout to ensure adequate preparation and table space for food preparation Ensure machines and equipment are inspected periodically, torn down, cleaned and maintained properly to ensure safe operation and to avoid contamination and the spread of food-borne illnesses Ensure adequate garbage receptacle capacity is maintained at the beginning of the day and throughout lunchtime, emptying garbage cans before they overflow Ensure that all aspects of the kitchen are safe, including mopping up spills and foodstuffs to prevent slip and fall accidents Ensure cleanliness and aesthetic appearance by wiping down and disinfecting surfaces often during and after meal preparation and lunchtime Cleaning, disinfecting and storing utensils and equipment at the end of lunchtime. Sweeping and mopping hard surfaces and floors to disinfect and maintain a clean, aesthetic appearance Remove all garbage and deposit into the school’s dumpster(s) during and after meal preparation and lunchtime Store cleaning chemicals, materials and rags/towels in their proper place, including assisting with laundering functions Assist custodial and administrative staff as needed Ensure that serving duties are performed politely and that portions of food are within proper size/weight/temperature guidelines so that compliance with state or federal programs is maintained and costs are kept within budget Ensure that waste is kept at a minimum, that foods (fresh, frozen or leftover) are stored in appropriate containers and in appropriate locations to avoid spoilage or bacteria growth and that foods that fall outside of guidelines are disposed of properly and reported to supervisory staff Ensure inventory of foodstuffs and non-food equipment and supplies is maintained including order preparation. Ensure vendor selection and vendor relations are positive and beneficial and that procurement of needed materials and supplies is both cost-effective and of good value Ensure that procured items are ordered timely and that inventories are maintained so shortages and spoilage is kept to a minimum Ensure that foodservice budgets are maintained and that procured items are within defined budgets Ensure that school lunches are prepared on time, complete and accurate Maintain records of food sales, waste, overages and inventory for reporting, government reimbursement and fee collection services Assist with cooking and food preparation duties

Supervisory and Safety Ensure that adequate kitchen staff are hired and retained within defined budgets Ensure that subordinate staff are properly certified with appropriate permitting, are trained and implement proper practices appropriate to maintain their permits and the permit of the kitchen Ensure that safety measures are in place and adhered to by all employees, visitors or volunteers in the kitchen, including the safe and proper use of equipment, supplies and chemicals Ensure that appropriate Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) documents are obtained from suppliers and that a MSDS log book is up to date and stored prominently in the kitchen Ensure that adequate first aid supplies, including burn kit(s) are procured and stored prominently in the kitchen Be familiar with and ensure compliance with all applicable fire codes for the foodservice industry and for school lunch programs Ensure that staff relations are positive and that open communication occurs daily so that a positive, nurturing work environment is maintained Ensure subordinate staff arrive on time, work their scheduled shift and that defined payroll budgets are not exceeded Attend appropriate staff development activities and/or seminars to ensure adequate supervisory skills are utilized at all times with subordinate staff Behavior Management Under the direction of administration and with teacher input as needed, assist with the management of student behavior. Use behavior management plan consistent with the school’s general techniques and school-wide standards Assist with student discipline including removal of disruptive students from lunch and if applicable providing for an escort to the office. Share responsibility during lunch time for the supervision of students Work with the special education department to assist students with disabilities during lunchtime, including student safety Provide student behavior feedback to classroom teachers. Meet with teachers, administrators or parents as requested to discuss student behavior issues in the lunchroom. Use effective oral and written communication. Respect the confidentiality of records and information regarding students, parents, and teachers in accordance with accepted professional ethics, and state and federal laws.

Professionalism Uphold and enforce board policy, administrative procedures, and school rules and regulations, and be supportive of such in your communications with students, parents, and the public at large. Maintain appropriate work habits, including regular and punctual attendance and appropriate use of conference and planning time. Communicate the positive aspects of Charter to the public in word and deed. Work cooperatively with teachers and administrators to strengthen the school’s programs for children. Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with other staff members. Assist with overall school operations as necessary or assigned by supervisor. As assigned, attend and participate in all Charter professional development days and activities. Perform other duties as requested by Administration or as needs dictate.

Physical Requirements The Essential Job Functions present no physical risks or hazardous conditions outside of typical risks and conditions customary to a job of this type.

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