Teaching Assistant, Visually Impaired Program (#299205)

Posted 3 years ago
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Title: Teacher Assistant – Visually Impaired Program Reports To: Vision Classroom Teacher/ Program Administrator Job Goal: To assist the classroom teacher in meeting the day to day needs of the students Qualifications: 1. High School Diploma 2. Ability to obtain ISBE Educator License with Stipulations 3. Proficient in typing and word processing Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Prepare materials that students will need per teacher direction; anticipate needs and jump in 2. Assist student to utilize schedule 3. Follow through on classroom management and team suggestions 4. Provide individual or small group instruction based on teacher’s plan and expectations with maintaining data in an appropriate manner 5. Assist student in mainstream class (in accordance with goals) 6. Utilize appropriate sighted guide techniques when assisting students in moving within the building (ask for assistance if more in-service is needed) 7. Expect level of student independence that has been determined by the team 8. Follow through on team developed consequences, do NOT develop new ones without team input 9. Always report consequences or concerns to the teacher in a timely manner (no surprises) 10. Assist in loading and unloading buses and getting students to classroom in a timely manner 11. Assist in any environment where a student appears to be unsafe 12. Attend team meetings when requested (time sheeting will be available if it is beyond your assigned word day) 13. Assist student in developing independence in functional daily living skills at their level 14. Allow students to make mistakes that are natural and do not provide a safety concern 15. Be respectful of students and maintain confidentiality – never discuss a student in front of other students (even if it appears they are otherwise engaged) 16. Do not report to parents unless requested by a Teacher or Related Service Professional 17. Be a positive role model 18. Communicate frequently with teacher Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time. Terms of employment: 177 day work year at a pay rate established by the Board of Control in accordance with its Agreement. Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated by the Board of Control policy on evaluation of educational support personnel.