Enrollment Specialist (#298686)

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The Enrollment Specialist will be responsible for assisting with student recruitment, conducting student/parent orientation sessions, processing required paperwork, and working with the Principal to ensure the school is meeting or exceeding contractual enrollment goals.


• Assist with student recruitment. Evaluation Criteria o Meets or exceeds FTE enrollment goals o Participates in community functions for purposes of student recruitment

• Conduct orientation sessions with parents and students in accordance with company policy and procedures. Evaluation Criteria o Schedule of hosted enrollment sessions o Updated and maintained Quick Base / Student Information System (SIS) o Audit of enrollment packets indicates all information completed by parent(s)/student o Follow up on pending/ enrolled students – 93% or greater pending to enrollment conversion o Follow up on withdrawn students – 100% of withdrawn students have documentation of an applicable withdrawal reason posted in STARS and MIS

• Accurately convey the expectations and requirements of the company to students, parents, and other stakeholders. Evaluation Criteria o Observed utilization of the “Talking Points” document to discuss the benefits of the program to all

• Effectively manage the flow of orientation information while maintaining accurate enrollment files in an efficient manner. Evaluation Criteria o Audit of student files reveals copied enrollment paperwork in the applicable office/s o Student folders are forwarded to the Data Specialist in an organized manner o Evidence of printed test tickets on new students, as applicable

• Demonstrate the ability to use all necessary resources effectively. Evaluation Criteria o Participates and complies in state, district, and internal audits o Utilizes SIS and MIS reports to ensure all fields, data, and enrollment numbers are balanced each day – Audit to ensure reconciliation of STARS and MIS data fields o Assigns home room placement upon enrollment – 100% of enrolled students have assigned home room o Contacts home schools to remove students from the MIS that are enrolling in the program – 100% of students enrolled in STARS are assigned to school in MIS o Assists with state/ district reporting requirements as deemed necessary o Assists parents/ students with information needed for dual enrollment, housing, child support, Social Security Administration documents, or other applicable agencies as observed during admission o Adherence to the procedures and policies in the Standard Operating Model

• Identify the appropriate training and professional development needs of the educational staff relating to new student orientation enrollment compliance. Evaluation Criteria o Documentation and sign in sheets of training to review enrollment provided during professional development o Documentation of participation in all applicable district training sessions relevant to job duties

• Develops a positive, welcoming and caring climate in the Enrollment Office. Evaluation Criteria o Observation of phone calls answered and returned in a timely, professional manner o Greets all incoming students, families and guests respectfully and professionally o Observation of consistently exhibited high standards of professional conduct

• Effectively perform all other duties as assigned and necessary in order for the school and company to achieve its enrollment and attendance goals. Evaluation Criteria o Meets contractual enrollment and meets or exceeds attendance goals