Teacher of Students with Disabilities - Autism

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Organization Profile: University Heights Charter School (UHCS) is an anchor education instution that seeks to develop in each child the character, scholarship, and leadership necessary for success in life, college, and community. Celebrating its tenth year, UHCS serves 650 students in grades PreK-8 in Newark, NJ, with a high-need demographic that is over 85% low income. UHCS seeks dynamic, dedicated, and determined educators who believe all children can achieve at high levels and can close the achievement gap. In addition to excellent instruction, including diverse special education services, the school also provides extensive medical, social, and therapeutic support. Our co-curricular classes and activities include a sports program, string instrument music partnership with the NJ Symphony Orchestra, and drama performances.

Teacher of Students with Disabilities- Autism

  QUALIFICATIONS: * Valid New Jersey P-3 Certification and certification as Teacher of Students with Disabilities. * Minimum of two years teaching experience in a special education setting, preferably working with children on the autism spectrum. * Competency in applied behavioral analysis; familiar with behavior and teaching methodologies. * Demonstrated organizational, communication and interpersonal skills; demonstrated knowledge of effective teaching methods and ability to maintain a positive learning environment. * Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status.

  REPORTS TO: Principal

  SUPERVISES: Classroom students

  JOB GOAL: To provide an approved special education program and establish a classroom environment that fosters learning and personal growth; to help pupils develop skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to provide a strong foundation for continued education, and to maintain good relationships with parents/guardians and other staff members.


  * Provide instruction to classified pupils in accordance with each pupil’s individualized   education program (IEP) goals. * Identify appropriate and inappropriate student behaviors; acquire and maintain baseline data to measure effectiveness of programs and mastery levels. * Manage maladaptive behaviors appropriately, including tantrums, self-injury and aggression. * Develop and implement age appropriate reinforcement menu and system. * Assist in the development of appropriate goals and experiences to support students’ growth. * Plans, in accordance with established procedures both a program of study and lessons which are consistent with the approved course of study and which meet the individual needs, interests and abilities of students. * Consults with Child Study Team regarding each pupil’s education program, academic program, and personal growth. * Meets with CST and Supervisor of Special Services as necessary and required to review and revise the individualized education program and placement of each assigned pupil. *  Implements by instruction and action the District’s philosophy of education and the State, District and School’s instructional goals and objectives. * Ensures satisfactory pupil progress and growth toward stated objectives of instruction. * Employs instructional method and materials that are most appropriate for meeting stated objectives including positive attitudes toward learning. * Develops effective procedures for the operation and management of the classroom and for following routine school procedures. * Establishes and maintains appropriate student behavior in the classroom, school building and school grounds and exercises due care for the health, safety and well – being of the students in accordance with the philosophy and rules of the school. * Assesses pupils in accordance with District testing policy and program, interprets the results and utilizes the information obtained for planning instruction, for reporting student growth and progress, and for improving curriculum. * Assists in curriculum development and in the selection of books, equipment and other instructional materials or needs of assigned students. * Works toward professional growth and meets the role model standards of a professional educator. * Maintains cordial and workable professional and social relationships with other members of the professional and non-professional staff and with students, parents and community members. * Displays respect towards the rights and feelings of students, thereby encouraging students to develop attitudes of respect for the rights, feelings, opinions and property of others. * Confers, as necessary and/or desirable, with students and parents to foster a constructive student-teacher and parent-teacher relationship. * Accurately maintains appropriate student records and submits required reports within designated time limits. * Effectively contributes in a reasonable manner to the overall after school functions and student activities of his/her school unit. * Gives proper attention to the care and protection of school property and uses material economically. * Adheres to and promotes the philosophy and objectives of the school, the administrative staff and the Board of Education and interprets the policies and program of the school in a positive and constructive manner. * Demonstrated ability to solve problems, exercise independent judgment, and make appropriate decisions based on established policies and procedures. Discretion in dealing with confidential information. Ability to work independently, as well as a member of a team. * Performs such other duties as may be assigned by the administrative staff in accordance with the contractual agreement or policies of the Board of Education.


Ten-month employee. Salary to be recommended by Executive Director and approved by board.


Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with the board's policy on evaluation of the superintendent.

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University Heights Charter School

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University Heights Charter School

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