Teaching Assistant - Multi Needs Program (#284555)

Posted 3 years ago
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Position: Multi-Needs Teacher Assistant

Job goal: To assist the classroom teacher in meeting the day to day needs of the students

Duties and Responsibilities: General 1. Monitor and assist students as needed in daily routines. 2. Initiate and follow through with behavioral interventions in an appropriate manner. 3. Handle classroom problems quickly and efficiently. 4. Communicate with teacher regarding student progress/behavior/special needs. 5. Participate in planning meetings regarding communication, academic, vocational and behavior needs of students and contribute in the development of goals and strategies in these areas. 6. Participate in multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary meetings. 7. Collect data and provide follow through for learning activities. 8. Actual teaching of individuals or groups of students following teacher’s lesson plans and with teacher directions. 9. Help students follow individual daily schedule. 10. Accompany, assist and monitor students, as needed, in all other areas of school program outside of classroom (mainstreaming, vocational or community). Specific to Multi-Needs Program 1. Load, meet and unload buses, ride on buses with students if directed. 2. Assist in all medical emergencies as needed. 3. Assist with students requiring assistance while eating, toileting or with behavior management. 4. Assist with lifting and positioning of students if directed. 5. Be knowledgeable of procedures and fully implement behavior programs as designed by each student’s team. 6. Fully inform assigned teacher of any problems resulting in students less than optimal opportunity of full achievement of student’s goals and objectives. 7. Work closely in a professional manner with general education staff if assigned to inclusion activities. Specific to 1:1 Assistants 1. Successfully complete all training activities designed to increase skill acquisition of specific students or to maintain appropriate behavior. 2. Accurately complete all data recording as identified by a specific child’s needs. Data must be clearly documented and presented to team members within the assigned time schedule.

This position is open as of October 17th at Indian Trail Elementary School.