Teaching Assistant/DHH Program (#284090)

Posted 3 years ago
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Job Goal: Work within the Deaf/Hard of Hearing classroom setting to maximize an individual student’s learning and to foster his/her participation in all school activities under the direction of the classroom teacher. Qualifications: 1. Professional Educator License with Stipulations issued by ISBE endorsed as para professional. 2. Some sign language ability and interest in improving sign skill if needed. 3. Genuine regard for the well-being of students. 4. Physical ability to lift and position students if needed. 5. Physical ability to be trained and perform physical management of students 6. Experience working with students preferred. Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Provide individual or small group instruction under the teacher’s supervision. 2. Communicate at student levels and according to the needs of the student. 3. Accompany students into special classes as assigned. 4. Facilitate communication between students in D/HH Program and others. 5. Demonstrate care for, correct use of, and maintenance of equipment, materials and school property. 6. Assist students with the use and care of adaptive equipment. 7. Take appropriate initiative when no specific task is assigned 8. Demonstrate a positive, caring attitude toward students. 9. Develop classroom materials, check student work, and assist in maintaining a clean, orderly learning environment. 10. Assist students with bathroom/hygiene needs according to teacher request or needs of student; use appropriate sanitation during these activities. 11. Assist with playground duties and lunchroom supervision as requested by certified staff or lead teacher assistant. 12. Demonstrate commitment to the safety of students by knowing ways to avoid injuries as well as knowing emergency procedures. 13. Follow through on behavior programs, including handling minor behavior situations or collecting data as requested. 14. Assist students onto and off buses (including buckling seat belt or harness) and into the appropriate classroom or area. 15. Participate in specialized training as requested by program coordinator. 16. Support individual student’s therapy program and/or Behavior Intervention plan including data collection as requested 17. Participate as requested in team planning meetings or IEP meetings. Position is Located at North School in Villa Park.

Teaching Assistant in the DHH Program.  The ability to communicate in sign language is preferred.