Speech Language Pathologist (#283662)

Posted 3 years ago
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Job Goal: The SLP will provide Speech/Language servicesto studentsin grades PreK-12. The SLP, as part of the educational team will help design verbal behavior programsfor allstudentsso they are able to communicate their needs, desires and thoughtsto others, in the real world. The SLP will work collaboratively with the classroom team to support the educational needs(IEP goals) of the student acrossthe curriculum. Qualifications: 1. Master's Degree in Communication Disorders 2. Illinois Professional Educator License issued by ISBE endorsed forspeech-language pathologist 3. Strong organizational and communication skills are required Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Provide small group and one to one instruction in a classroom setting to addressthe individualized educational needs of each student. 2. Provide services within a collaborative trans-disciplinary team using an integrated model. 3. Work flexibly with students of varying ability levels. 4. Collaborate with fellow team membersin the development of goals and instructionalstrategies. 5. Implement medical and/or behavioral plansspecific to student needs as necessary. 6. Demonstrate the ability to implement individualized behavior plans created by the classroom team. 7. Support and supervise educationalsupport personnel. 8. Provide in-service and/or workshops asrequested by staff. 9. Work collaboratively with parents during team meetings, progressreviews, and case study evaluations. 10. Complete necessary written reportsfor annual reviews and case study evaluations

Permanent Position for the 2016-2017 school year serving students in the Visually Impaired Program (3 days per week)  and Transition Program (2 days per week).

Visually Impaired Program is located in Addison.

Transition Program is located in Westmont.