Total Communication Teacher DHH (#280884)

Posted 3 years ago
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Title: Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Total Communication Reports To: Program Administrator Job Goal: Instruct students who are deaf or hard of hearing using the total communication philosophy while maximizing audition and both oral/visual communication. Qualifications: 1. B.S. required, M.S. preferred. 2. Type 10 certificate for hearing impaired 3. Proficient at sign language 4. Previous teaching experience preferred 5. LBS1 preferred Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Interpret and share audiogram information with educational team. 2. Monitor and troubleshoot hearing aids, cochlear implants, and FM systems. 3. Develop, as part of a team, an appropriate individualized educational program for each student, and implement this program 4. Evaluate student performance using data and assessment. Keep accurate, up to date data, including updating IEP goals/objectives and other programmatic requirements. Interpret data and report on progress for parents and personnel. 5. Use the CHAMPS approach for behavior management, providing positive behavior management strategies to monitor and manage classroom and student behavior. 6. Make regular contact with parents of students and keep records of contacts, including updating short range objectives and other appropriate records 7. Provide emotional support for students and families to promote understanding and coping skills for children’s hearing loss 8. Use total communication strategies with students during instruction. 9. Establish open, frequent communication with parents, staff, and related services personnel. 10. Attend staff and professional meetings as requested. 11. Maintain schedule, be punctual, and meet assigned responsibilities. 12. Establish and maintain a positive atmosphere in working with staff and students. Terms of Employment: Compensation set by the SASED Board of Control. Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated by the Program Administrator in accordance with the SASED Board of Control policy on evaluation of certified staff.