Teacher Assistant, STARS Program (#278582)

Posted 3 years ago
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Position: Teaching Assistant-Autism Classroom Job goal: This position is designed to support students with a primary disability of autism. Reports to: Classroom Teacher/Program Administrator Qualifications: 1. ISBE Professional Educator License with Stipulations (Para-Professional) 2. Knowledge/Experience of specific best practice approaches for students with autism including: verbal behavior, (PECS) Picture Exchange Communication System, Structured Teaching. Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Monitor and assist students as needed in their daily routines across classroom activities and/or settings. 2. Assist in collecting data for behavioral or academic progress. 3. Initiate and follow through with behavioral interventions as designated and demonstrated by the classroom teacher. 4. Communicate with all team members in an appropriate manner regarding student progress and/or concerns. 5. Participate in planning meetings regarding classroom curricular expectations as well as student needs across all developmental areas. 6. Lead and/or facilitate teaching of individuals in 1:1, small group, or whole class instruction. 7. Assist individual students as necessary to follow routines, follow directions, follow an individual schedule, and/or complete tasks. 8. Monitor students at all times including on/off the bus, lunch, and times of transition. 9. Meet students in the morning to unload buses and assist with loading or unloading as necessary. 10. Assist with students requiring self-help skills in the areas of safety, eating, and toileting. 11. Facilitate the teaching procedures demonstrated by the classroom teacher for small groups including errorless learning and verbal behavior techniques. 12. Create materials as time allows and directed by teacher. 13. Clean-up after students as necessary and at the end of the day. 14. Prepare room daily for instruction in the morning or end of day as designated by teacher. 15. Assist in helping a student develop necessary skills in the generalized education environment. 16. Communicate any concerns to the classroom teacher regarding student performance and concerns. 17. Communicate effectively and with a professional manner with general education staff when assigned. 18. Remain professional and keep student information confidential at all times. Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time. Terms of employment: 177 day work year at a pay rate established by the Board of Control in accordance with its Agreement. Evaluation: Performance will be evaluated in accordance with the Board of Control policy on evaluation of educational support personnel.