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ESSENTIAL DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: This list of essential duties and responsibilities is not exhaustive and may be supplemented.

Planning and Preparation

Administer appropriate district curriculum which is aligned with Common Core State Standards and is consistent with IEP instructions as needed. Designs and implements the components of an effective lesson for instruction and student assessments aligned with Common Core State Standards. Designs coherent, differentiated, instruction and student assessments aligned with Common Core State Standards at the appropriate instructional level for the student. Provide appropriate instructions, modifications, adaptations, and implements Individual Education Plans (IEP) in an organized, systematic, and meaningful manner. Analyze student progress and ensure assessment regulations and guidelines are followed at all times. Demonstrates mastery of content and pedagogy, knowledge of students and resources, typical developmental patterns of student, and characteristics of students with disabilities. Sets instructional outcomes for diverse learners. Classroom Environment

Creates an environment of respect and rapport while developing a climate that promotes positive learning conditions. Maintains a positive, orderly, safe, accessible and academically focused learning, resource-rich environment. Manages classroom procedures and student behavior. Demonstrates cultural competency. Instruction

Communicates learning expectations to students. Engages students in learning. Utilizes discussion and questioning techniques. Embeds assessment in instruction. Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness. Demonstrates familiarity with Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. Demonstrates knowledge of strategies and accommodations to assist students with disabilities to access curriculum. coordinates effectively with other service staff in providing student instruction. Professional Responsibilities

Maintains accurate records and IEP’s as mandated by state and federal guidelines, within established timelines. Demonstrates professionalism, integrity and ethical conduct. Supports, communicates and works professionally with administrators, staff and community and follows all protocols consistent with the WCSD’s procedures. Makes a focused effort to promote meaningful participation of parents in the IEP process. Reflects on teaching. Participates in a professional community. Participates in other job-related duties and activities related to the position as assigned. Works as part of an education/assessment team responsible for identifying, developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating individual objectives for assigned students. Special Education teachers can be assigned as Resource Special Education teachers or can be assigned to specific specialized programs that are broken down from the Special Education umbrella in order to provide adequate supports for all students requiring special needs. In the case where a teacher is assigned to a specialized program, all of the above-mentioned job duties/responsibilities apply, as does the information tied to the specific program. Specialized programs within the Special Education umbrella at WCSD are described below.

When assigned to:

SIP – Social Intervention Program

Social Intervention Program (SIP) classrooms provide a system of support – both academic and emotional/behavioral – for students with significant emotional/behavioral needs within the regular school setting. SIP is a program, not a place, which incorporates a range of settings, from self-contained classrooms to full-inclusion within general education classrooms, with behavioral support (it is an IEP team decision what the least restrictive environment is for each child).

The goal of SIP is to help children acquire and develop effective, prosocial behaviors so they can be successful in regular classroom settings, and to support the children to make adequate academic progress. Students are given work at their developmental levels and the WCSD adopted curriculum and texts are utilized. The primary goal is to extinguish behaviors that are impeding students’ ability to be successful in the general education classroom, and to provide positive replacement behaviors, so that students can return to the general education classroom.

The SIP has as its framework, a structured behavior management program that includes frequent positive reinforcement, with consistent consequences, to shape appropriate school behaviors, such as staying calm, following instructions, etc.

SIP teachers’ roles and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: Ongoing academic assessment, progress monitoring and instructional planning to ensure adequate academic progress; Provision of targeted academic instruction; Ability to differentiate academic materials to address Common Core State Standards; Behavioral and academic progress monitoring; Case management for IEPs and reevaluations; Setting and managing the daily schedule; Positive behavioral support for students; Support for/and collaboration with regular classroom teachers to support inclusive practices and facilitate inclusion; Management and oversight of aide/assistant use of the program; Knowledge of applied behavior analytic strategies and supports; Design and implementation of behavior plans to ensure student behavioral progress.

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