Grant Funded ESOL Instructional Assistant (#266347)

Posted 3 days ago

Job Purpose:

The ESOL Instructional Assistant is responsible for supporting teachers, students, staff and administration and ensuring that all students are supported in meeting the academic learning gains. The Instructional Assistant’s primary responsibility is to provide direct instructional assistance to students of limited English proficiency while maintaining all company policies and procedures with regard to English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Primary Responsibilities:

Duties of this position include but are not limited to:

1. Enrolls students in the regular school program or in the ESOL Program based on which Home Language Survey questions are answered “Yes”. 2. Assures that Language Proficiency Tests are administered and that the scores are documented at the times specified in the program procedures. 3. Notifies the student’s teacher(s) of the student’s ESOL status, provides information regarding the results of the Language Proficiency Tests and provides any other information regarding the student’s educational background that may be helpful to the teacher(s). 4. Assures that parents of students are notified and invited to participate at the times specified in the program procedures. 5. Assures that students are enrolled with eligible teachers and parents are informed of this placement. 6. Collects required data for each student’s plan and provides for data entry into the computer. 7. Accesses prior school records to assist in developing the English Language Learner Plan. 8. Assures that an ELL Plan is developed for each student who has been determined to be an English Language Learner. 9. Reviews each student’s progress and identifies students who may be ready to exit the ESOL Program. 10. Assesses and properly documents student’s limited English Proficiency if not exited within three (3) years so that the student is eligible for funding for a fourth, fifth, and/or sixth year. 11. Reviews the progress of the former English Language Learner students and refers those who are consistently under-performing to the ELL Committee. 12. Assists with communication between school and parents of ELL students. 13. Observes confidentiality of students and student records at all times. 14. Maintains documentation, records, files and reports of ELLs in compliance according to district/state guidelines. 15. Provides home language tutorial assistance in basic subject areas under the teacher's direction and/or Assistant Principal. 16. Works collaboratively with teachers, staff and building administrators to fulfill the school’s mission by ensuring orderly day-to-day operation, inside and outside of classrooms. 17. Performs clerical duties, such as making copies, filing and/or displaying student work, answering telephones during instructional sessions. 18. Assists with arrival and dismissal procedures during each session. 19. Assists with the attendance procedures, including collection of student signatures, verification of student attendance data, and making attendance calls. 20. Assist in all initiatives to ensure school meets defined FTE enrollment and attendance goals. 21. Assists in delivery of the orientation process as needed.

*Performs all other duties as deemed necessary by building administrators, which are aligned in accordance with company policies and procedures to ensure that student educational goals and objectives are achieved while communicating company mission, philosophy, policies and procedures effectively to students, parents and larger community.