Data Specialist (#266322)

Posted 11 days ago

• Request and organize student records from previous schools, ensuring that all necessary paperwork and documentation have been collected and recorded. Evaluation Criteria o Audit of student files indicates transcripts being ordered, received, copied, and filed in a timely manner o Audit of student files indicates Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) records ordered, as applicable

• Effectively monitor the creation of new student records in both the SIS and the MIS. Evaluation Criteria o Reconciliation of STARS and MIS reports indicates data are updated the SIS and MIS in an accurate, timely manner o STARS reports indicate complete and updated entries of pre/ post data in the SIS, academic/ graduation plans, all test scores, and applicable fields – 100% completion of data fields

• Effectively collaborate with School District staff to ensure all school data are accurate, and reports are generated and received on-time. Evaluation Criteria o Demonstrated ability to generate accurate, required state and district reports according to set schedule

• Work directly with Principal to ensure that all school records are accurate, and work with school staff or School District staff to resolve any differences. Evaluation Criteria o Participate in state, district, and internal audits o Balance enrollment / attendance data at the end of each day in the SIS and in the MIS – 100% reconciliation of data o Work in a professional manner with District staff when requesting MIS assistance o Adherence to the procedures and policies in the Standard Operating Model

• Accurately report all student information so that the school receives the appropriate amount of funding and support. Evaluation Criteria o Audit prior to and during the FTE survey windows ensures all error reports are reviewed and processed, including class sizes and full-time course schedules on all students o Documentation of participation in all applicable district training sessions relevant to job duties

• Maintain a professional relationship with staff, students, their parents, and school district personnel in accordance with company policies and procedures. Evaluation Criteria o Observation of phone calls answered and returned in a timely, professional manner o Observation of consistently exhibited high standards of professional conduct o Observation of collaboration and assistance with documents related to transcripts/ records

• Follow up on requests for student withdrawals/ transfer while providing all information needed according to required school documents. Evaluation Criteria o Audit indicates timely monitoring and processing of student withdraws in the SIS and in the MIS o Provide evidence of follow up on withdrawn students noting next school of record and applicable withdrawal reasons – 100% if withdrawn students have documentation in STARS and MIS of applicable withdrawal reasons

• Assist in all initiatives to ensure school meets defined FTE enrollment and attendance goals. Evaluation Criteria o School meets or exceeds FTE enrollment goals

• Effectively perform all other duties as assigned and necessary in order for the school and company to achieve its enrollment and attendance goals. Evaluation Criteria o Meets contractual enrollment and meets or exceeds attendance goals