ESL Teacher (#262823)

Posted 4 years ago

Promotes and nurtures the education of students with non-English speaking and/or limited English speaking parents by planning and tailoring courses of study that helps parents to navigate the school system and support their student’s academic success; monitoring, assisting with, and correcting, academic efforts; conversational English, and providing a safe environment conducive to learning.


Establish a culture of high expectations that includes the shared belief that every student will attend college. Tailors course of study by developing modifications for several levels of academic ability and previous achievement. Develops and presents lesson plans by using a variety of techniques, including lectures, projects, exhibits, field trips, audiovisual and library resources, computers, and the internet. Assess students regularly and analyze student results; refine and differentiate classroom instruction based on assessment data and student needs. Align the ESL/ELL program to help the school site in building an effective school community: working with parents to develop English skills that better support their student’s academic success. Collaborate with colleagues to improve instructional practices throughout the school; share best practices. Communicate regularly with students and their families about classroom activities and student progress. Actively participate in professional development activities, and work closely with lead teachers, principal, and instructional coaches. Support the mission, vision, and core values of Aspire Public Schools. Perform other related duties as required and assigned.