School Nurse - RN or CNA

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Two-Year College
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Must hold a license issued by any agency.
The license position area must be in School Nurse.
The license status must be active or about to graduate from a state-approved teacher preparation program.


*this is a year round, benefitted position. **ISD does not monitor applications on the Teachers-Teachers site, please apply to the website listed.

International School of Denver is an independent school that teaches the curricula of and fulfills the highest educational standards of the United States, China, France and Spain by offering early immersion bilingual international education, accredited by participating governments, in order to prepare its students to thrive in a diverse and competitive global society. Staff and Faculty members are the cornerstone of our school. In addition to driving the school’s operations, they must also be living examples of the school’s values.

The Registered Nurse will serve as the primary overseer of student health administration: managing student health records, immunization and emergency information, student illness and basic first aid, and medication administration. The Nurse will also provide back up support to the front office when time permits, including interfacing with ISD parents, answering incoming calls and other administrative tasks.

Duties & Responsibilities:

?Provide health care to students needing basic first aid; ?Evaluate ill students and contact parents as needed ?Contact 911 in emergency situations. ?Write/evaluate individual student health plans and ensure proper staff-teachers or other administrators are properly delegated for medication administration ?Dispense medication as requested by a health care provider and parent ?Maintain accurate and complete records of dates and times of medications given, following ISD’s Medication Administration Policy ?Maintain all student health records (electronic), immunization and emergency information per state regulations and school’s procedures; ?Complete injury or illness incident reports as necessary. ?Communicate with staff and parents about student health concerns and emergency information as necessary and appropriate. ?Perform other job-related duties as assigned including cleaning clinic, maintaining equipment, ordering supplies, compiling and preparing reports. ?Perform other administrative tasks as assigned. ?Communicate with staff and families about campus health concerns ?Promote a sense of school integration and unity ?Support the multi-cultural vision of ISD

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

?Computer literate (specifically in Microsoft Office/Outlook and the Internet). ?Ability to maintain confidentiality in all aspects of the job ?Ability to promote and follow, evaluate and inform ISD policies surrounding health and wellness. ?Good writing, analytical and problem-solving skills. ?Knowledge of principles and practices of organization, planning, records management, and general administration. ?Ability to communicate effectively and sensitively with discretion and professionalism ?Ability to operate standard office equipment, including but not limited to, computers, telephone systems, scanners, copiers and facsimile machines. ?Ability to follow oral and written instructions. ?Ability and desire to interact with children. ?Fluent in English and other languages(s), preferred. ?Principles and practices underlying the special field of school health. ?Current trends in nursing and of literature in the fields of school health. ?Organization and administration of other cooperating agencies ?State and local laws relating to health and social issues. ?Rules and regulations regarding being an EPSDT provider in the state of CO.

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