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Job Title: Supervisor of English Language Arts

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The Mission of East Orange Community Charter School is "To promote excellence by providing all students with hands-on, active learning experiences through back-to-basics activities that allow spontaneity, creativity, innovativeness and challenges that ensure responsiveness to each individual child enabling all students to reach their potential and the E.O.C.C.S.' high standards".

The Supervisor is responsible, in conjunction with the Principal or designee, for the supervision and evaluation of designated teaching staff members. All supervisory staff is expected to work in a cooperative and joint effort in the supervision and evaluation of assigned teaching staff members.

Curriculum and Instruction
•Provides leadership and coordination in the regular program of English Language Arts. As needed, observes reading instruction in classrooms and consults with Teachers and Assistant Teachers
•Assists the Principal in developing the total school curriculum in conjunction with Curriculum Standards, and assists in the formulation of a philosophy and objectives for the instructional plan.
•Supervises and coordinates the ordering of textbooks, instructional aides
and equipment for the K-4 English Language Arts program or other subjects as instructed by the Principal.
•Evaluates the school's English Language Arts program and makes recommendations to the Principal for improvements as appropriate.
•Assists the Principal in the implementation of EOCCS' in-service education program for the instructional staff and makes recommendations to the Principal for teacher attendance at conferences and participation in other professional growth activities.
•Assists with the supervision and the implementation of the school-wide assessment program used to determine the reading abilities of all students and to identify those needing remediation or enrichment.
•Collect and evaluate academic data to pinpoint scholar needs for small group instruction, typically with guided reading and phonics
•Monitors student progress toward state standards and EOCCS' objectives of English Language Arts; develops and maintains records and reports the results to the Principal.
•Interprets student needs and reading progress to classroom teachers and parents, when appropriate.

Meetings and Committees
•In conjunction with the Principal or designee, develops comprehensive in-service programs and courses that are responsive to staff development.
•Maintain ongoing professional development.
•In conjunction with Principal, plans and coordinates the agenda for Lead Teacher meetings as it relates to English Language Arts.
•Participates in other meetings as requested by the Principal or designee

Interaction with staff
•Conducts classroom observations and provides supervision/evaluation of Teachers and upon request of the Principal, conducts observations and evaluations of designated teachers and non-certified staff.
•Supervises and evaluates Assistant Teachers as it relates to reading programs that may be implemented
•Train all teaching staff on the English Language Arts curriculum including any revisions made; provides suggestions afterward on implementation
•Conducts annual summative evaluations of Title I Teachers, and other staff as requested by Principal, with definitive statements of performance strengths and needs. Meets with teachers regarding SGOs.

Information and Resources
•Assists with the completion of all required local, state and federal reports in an accurate and timely manner.
•Keeps abreast of and interprets to the staff the current research in the area of curriculum development, teaching and learning.

•Upon request of the Principal, assists in the recruitment, screening, hiring, training and assigning of instructional personnel.
•Provides input for the development and coordination of the sections of the budget pertaining to English Language Arts.
•Supervises the activities and assistant teachers at 44 Glenwood Ave. site addressing any issues with the Principal.
•Performs other duties within the scope of his/her employment and certification as may be assigned.

•12 Month Position

*Education Administration

*VP/Operational Manager

*Assistant Teachers as it relates to Reading Programs

Requirements: • New Jersey Supervisor Certification
• New Jersey Elementary Teacher Certification
• Supervisory experience preferred
• A minimum of three (3) years teaching experience, preferably reading,
writing, and/or English Language Arts.
• Knowledge of K-4 English Language Arts curriculum
• Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship
or legal resident alien status.
Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with state law and the provisions of the Board of Trustees' policy on evaluation of certified staff.
The foregoing statements describe the general purpose, performance standards and responsibilities assigned to this position and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.

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