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An Equal Opportunity Employer
POSITION:           ELL Para Educator
START DATE:      August, 2021
LOCATION:         Rawlins High School
Starting Wage: $15.55 per hour

Under general supervision of ESL Teacher, performs a variety of language acquisition focused instructional activities within the ESL Classroom; to perform a variety of supportive tasks and follow-up activities in ESL and content area classrooms; and to do other related work as required.
  1. Assist instructional personnel in the implementation of individual educational plans for students experiencing ESL instructional needs.
  2. Tutor individuals and small groups of students to reinforce and follow up language development and learning activities.
  3. Assist students in the development of appropriate social and adaptive behaviors.
  4. Perform a variety of behavior management and behavior shaping functions.
  5. Develop and assist in the development of specialized instructional materials.
  6. Assist in the development and maintenance of student records and files.
  7. Administer and score assignments and tests.
  8. Requisition, store, distribute and maintain an inventory of ESL educational materials, supplies and equipment.
  9. Assist in the development and maintenance of a learning environment appropriate to the special instructional and language requirements of students.
  10. Administer routine first aid and determine when to seek assistance for students with non-routine illness or injury.
  11. If bi-lingual, may serve as a translator and interpreter to facilitate communication with monolingual, non-english speaking members of the school community.        

  2. Maintain confidentiality in all matters of the district.
  3. Maintain a positive attitude that supports the District Vision and Mission.
  4. Be responsible for acceptable personal attendance and punctuality.
  5. Accept responsibility for the identified job description and continually strive to perform work of the highest quality. 
  6. Responsible for adhering to District policies. 
See attached for a full job description     TO APPLY:  Apply online at www.crb1.net under the Employment tab.

For additional Information:
Phone: 307-328-9200

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