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DATE:   May 6, 2021                                                                                                                        
POSITION:  Essential Skills Teacher                                                                                    
LOCATION:  Franklin Community Middle School                                                             
NUMBER OF DAYS PER YEAR:  185 days (includes 1 day for orientation)                              
NUMBER OF HOURS PER DAY:  7 ¾ hours as per the Master Agreement                                
DUTIES:  Essential Skills teaching responsibilities and duties for middle school students. Supervisory duties and other duties as assigned by building administration.
REQUIREMENTS: Must hold a valid Indiana teacher’s license in Intense Intervention
SALARY:  As per the Master Agreement Salary Schedule
BENEFITS: As per the Master Agreement Salary Schedule                                                            
POSITION BEGINS:  7/28/2021                                                                                                     
CONTACT: Ms. Rita Holman, Principal –                                    
                                                                                      Dr. David Clendening                                 
'All applicants considered for hire after July 1, 2009 must obtain a criminal history background check subject to I.C. 20-26-5-10.  This background check must be completed through the Indiana State Police prior to receiving an offer of employment with the cost being borne by the applicant. If selected for an interview, additional information will be provided at the time of interview.'
The School Board does not discriminate on the basis of the Protected Classes of race, color, national origin, sex (including transgender status, sexual orientation and gender identity), disability, age, religion, military status, ancestry, or genetic information which are classes protected by Federal and/or State law (collectively, "Protected Classes") occurring in the Corporation's employment opportunities, programs, and/or activities, or, if initially occurring off Corporation grounds or outside the Corporation's employment opportunities, programs, and activities, affecting the Corporation environment.

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