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Greenville Public Schools is seeking applicants for:


Grounds Maintenance


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Director of Maintenance



  • Up-keep of: yards, athletic field, playground equipment

  • Care and use of supplies and equipment

  • Be responsible for conditions, safety, and proper operation of all mechanical equipment, oiling and greasing properly at regular intervals

  • Responsible for the cleanliness of sidewalks and steps, if required 

  • Assure that all walks and steps are free from ice, snow, mud, and dust, and as required

  • Snow removal and salting of parking lots and sidewalks

  • Mowing, trimming, and pruning

  • Assist the maintenance department when they have a heavy load or a deadline to meet



  • Must have the ability to operate, maintain, and make adjustments to the various equipment used to maintain lawn, trees and shrubbery.

  • Must have the ability to perform other duties connected with the general maintenance of premises outside the building area.

  • Must be able to keep an organized work schedule, records on grounds care, and direct any employees assigned to the grounds department in their daily duties.

  • Must have/obtain and keep a valid license for pesticide, weed control, or any product used on grounds requiring a license to apply.

  • Excellent work habits: flexible, industrious, punctual and committed, efficient, organized, team player, positive attitude.

All interested applicants should submit a resume, cover letter and application on applitrack along with a minimum of 3 professional references. Thank you for your interest in Greenville Public Schools!

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