Frontier Academy Teacher at Alternative School

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Position Areas
Business Education
Career and Technical Education
Dual Immersion
Early Childhood Development/Daycare
English as a Second Language (EFL/ELL/ESL/ESOL)
English/Reading/Language Arts
Fine Arts
Generalist/Integrated Curriculum
Gifted and Talented
Lead Teacher/Department Head
Media Specialist/Librarian
Physical Education/Health
Social Studies
Special Education
Substitute Teacher
Technology Education


Secondary content endorsement required; must also be able and willing to acquire At-Risk Endorsement via WY PTSB

Classroom Teacher

Qualifications:            Wyoming PTSB certification appropriate for the subject and grade level or both, as required.
Reports To:                  Building Principal
Job Goal:                     To teach children and youth of the District the basic program as assigned by subject and grade level.
Performance Responsibilities:
  1.  Be familiar with and abide by school district policies and to stay current in changes in such policies through procedures described by the Board.
  2. Establishes a cooperative working relationship with the staff of the building to which the teacher is assigned, as well as with other District personnel.
  3. Exercises mature and professional judgment in teaching and in associations with staff and students.
  4. Participates in professional activities as part of the teaching assignment.
  5. Demonstrates high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.
  6. Maintains confidentiality of information regarding colleagues, students, and parents.
  7. Maintains current PTSB certification in appropriate teaching area(s).  Maintains adequate and current knowledge of developments within the respective teaching areas and within the areas of instruction and learning.
  8. Teaches the District standards in the assigned area, utilizes effective planning for each day’s teaching-learning activities, clarifies goal and objectives of lessons and assignments, diagnoses and prescribes for student academic and effective strengths and weaknesses, evaluates student progress and achievement, and continually seeks to motivate students for the learning tasks at hand.
  9. Provides proper care and reasonable security for all District property in their custody.
  10. Seeks to establish a school climate, which will promote appropriate student discipline.  Supports and assists the building staff in maintaining order and discipline among students.
  11. Utilizes instructional materials and other educational resources in a competent and effective manner.
  12. Provides for reasonable care and safety of students who are assigned to them at any particular time.
  13. Makes use of technology for instructional purposes as well as for record keeping, administrative and other non-instructional uses as may be required.
  14. Performs such other tasks and duties as assigned by the supervisor.
Terms of Employment:  Designated by Contract
Evaluation:  The building principal or immediate supervisor will evaluate the performance of this position.

Application Procedure:
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