Early Childhood (preschool) teacher

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Early Childhood Development/Daycare


JOB POSITION - PreSchool Lead Teacher


The teacher is hired by and is directly accountable to the principal. The teacher agrees to abide by the educational policies and procedures of the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Office of Catholic Schools, as well as comply with the educational policies and procedures of the local school. The teacher cooperates with the principal and staff in providing an educational environment that promotes the ministry of Catholic education.


General Responsibilities

As a professional educator in a Catholic school, the teacher will:   

  • teach and act in accordance with Catholic doctrinal and moral teachings of the Catholic Church;

  • know, teach and act consistently in accordance with the mission, philosophy, objectives, and policies and procedures of the Catholic school;  

  • maintain state certification;  

  • communicate regularly with parents/guardians, colleagues and principal;  

  • participate in the Archdiocese of Chicago religion inservice programs and in the school sponsored professional development programs;  

  • perform teaching duties as assigned by the principal;  

  • attend required faculty and staff meetings;  

  • cooperate with the principal and staff members in school related meetings, activities and projects;  

  • maintain accurate student attendance and academic records;  

  • maintain a safe, orderly, and secure learning and working environment;    

  • participate in the annual performance review based upon the implementation of the general responsibilities of a professional educator in a school;  

  • maintain confidentiality and discretion regarding school personnel, students, and general school matters.   


The principal assigns specific tasks essential to the function of the position.

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