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Candidate should have coaching or experience at the High School or College level. Individual should be well organized and a self starter. Candidate should be able to communicate effectively with student athletes, parents, patrons, and coaches of other programs. Candidate should be able to relate well with student athletes. Candidate will operate under the rules and regulations set forth by the IHSAA; as well as the policies and procedures of School District 25. 

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1.  Idaho Teacher Certification or NFHS/ASEP certified
2.  Previous experience as a player and/or coach
REPORTS TO: Athletic Director and Principal
JOB GOAL: To provide student athletes the opportunity to develop an appreciation for the value of competition, discipline, hard work, and sportsmanship while serving as a member of a team where all are working toward a common goal.
I.  Maintain Professional Relationships
1.  Develop a plan to maintain positive relations with student-athletes and build high number of student-athletes who participate in the program each year.
2.  Cooperate with the administration and keep them well-informed about all aspects of the program, particularly potential concerns.
3.  Build a strong coaching staff that has defined responsibilities, works well together, and supports each other.
4.  Promote the total athletic program by supporting other coaches and their programs.
5.  Maintain excellent relationships with the staff, booster club, parents, cheerleaders, music department, media, and the public
6.  Strive to fit in well at school and help school achieve its goals in the areas.
II.  Demonstrate Professional Competencies
1.  Put together a successful all-around sports program that is based on a solid philosophy and is consistently competitive at the regional and state level.
2.  Teach and demonstrate knowledge of the skills of the sport, including offensive skills, defensive skills, and overall game strategy.
3.  Demonstrate the ability to develop the student-athletes and team as a whole by preparing athletes physically and emotionally.
4.  Demonstrate the ability to maintain discipline and control of athletes while teaching fundamental concepts of sportsmanship, citizenship, and fair play.
5.  Consistently demonstrate the ability to motivate student-athletes to do their best.
6.  Demonstrate excellent organizational skills to maintain a smooth operating program.
III.  Accomplish Management Duties
1.  Provide proper supervision for student-athletes at all times when they are participating in the program.
2.  Take steps to prevent, care for, and report injuries, working closely with the trainer.
3.  Become knowledgeable of and adhere to all IHSAA, district, school, and athletic department policies.
4.  Provide a program to ensure proper use and care of equipment and uniforms, including an inventory record that is kept up to date.
5.  Skillfully manage the sports budget, following proper procedures for requesting funds, purchasing, and fund-raising.
6.  Work closely with the activities director and activities secretary to stay on top of scheduling, busing, fund-raising, student eligibility, facility use, IHSAA reports, etc. Letters of application stating qualifications for specific position

  • Current resume
  • Two current letters of recommendation

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