63099 Program Assistant I To Grant Manager

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The Monroe County School District (MCSD) is looking for a dynamic, highly qualified individual with strong communication and organizational skills to serve as a program assistant in our Federal Programs Office. 
The essential function of the position within the organization is to assist in managing daily operations for several grant programs and provide technical support to schools to ensure proper implementation of grant activities. Duties include generating and maintaining accurate records, tracking expenditures, developing adequate internal control systems, performing budget analyses, preparing reports, collaborating with school staff, building relationships with community partners and providing clerical support to grants management staff.
The ideal candidate for this position will be a self-starter with an attention to detail and the ability to prioritize multiple projects, collect and analyze data, and follow programmatic federal policies and procedures.
Educational Requirements:                                                          Minimum of a high school diploma or GED
Licenses, Certifications, Registrations Required:                         Florida Driver’s License
Experience Requirements:                                                           Two years of related experience

To view full job description, please click https://www.keysschools.com/cms/lib/FL02202360/Centricity/Domain/37/63099%20Program%20Assistant%20I%20To%20Grant%20Manager.pdf 

Employees who receive promotions within the District may receive up to a five percent (5%) increase on her/his hourly rate OR $18.51 hourly (whichever is greater).
Work Days per year: 254
Work Months per year: 12
Hours per day: 8

Full Benefits  https://www.keysschools.com/cms/lib/FL02202360/Centricity/Domain/37/21_Monroe_ActiveGuidebook%202.pdf (health insurance premium rates are on page 11)
Florida Retirement System https://www.myfrs.com/
Time off: Winter Break (2 weeks non-paid holiday), 7 paid holidays, and accumulate 1 paid vacation day & 1 paid sick day per month (5 unused sick days per year can be used for personal/other/vacation purposes). 
Vacation and Sick leave roll over from year to year.
Slot: 117

For external applicants, the number of years of full time, directly related experience you are bringing to your new position translates to the following hourly pay rate:

No experience: $18.51 
1 year = $18.81
2 years = $19.41
3 years = $20.01
4 years = $20.61
5 years = $21.21
6 years = $21.81
7 years = $22.41
8 years = $23.01
9 years = $23.61
10 years = $24.21
11 years = $24.81
12 years = $25.41
13 years = $26.01
14 years = $26.61
15 years = $27.21 

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