Early Childhood Teacher (approx. August 23, 2021 to November 16, 2021)

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Description:  Early Childhood Teacher

Essential Duties: 

  • Design and implement individualized education plans (IEP) for each assigned student consistent with the total educational philosophy of the district, Early Learning Standards and state and federal law.
  • Design and implement developmentally-appropriate, differentiated instruction for pre-kindergarten students with and without disabilities.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in planning and constructing benchmark lessons, instructional interventions and/or programs.
  • Provide direct services as needed to assigned students with special needs.
  • Use appropriate assessment instruments pertinent to academic, communication, and behavioral areas.
  • Identify, select, and modify instructional resources to meet the needs of the students with varying backgrounds, learning styles, and assessed special needs in accordance with the district's philosophy, goals and objectives.
  • Provide specialized instructional techniques and media through individual and/or group sessions designed to meet the educational, social, and emotional needs of the students.
  • Monitor and oversee services provided by paraprofessionals and/or other support personnel assigned to classroom and/or student in classroom.
  • Establish two-way communication with parents, students, and fellow staff members in an honest, positive and constructive manner.
  • Fulfill the requirements of attendance, punctuality, reliability, and responsibility with regard to school building and school district policies and procedures.
  • Understand and accept students as individual human beings with dignity and worth, and helps them improve their self-image by helping them grow in their understanding of their capabilities and limitations. 
  • Demonstrate competency with knowledge pertinent to the subject being taught, but recognizes content is only a means to an end.
  • Recognize the differences in needs, abilities, and interests among students and adjusts instruction to meet those needs, abilities, and interests.
  • Stimulate students to work toward maximum potential and to take pride in their accomplishments.
  • Plan effectively both for the present and future with respect to establishing teaching strategies which are goal oriented and purposeful.
  • Select, evaluate, and use effective materials, services, and methods of instruction to motivate students to learn.
  • Establish rapport and understanding with school staff colleagues.
  • Recognize that being a constant and avid learner is prerequisite to being a good teacher; the teacher realizes that learning and teaching are dual aspects of a never-ending development process.
  • Any other duties as assigned.


  • State of Illinois Licensure & Certification
  • Early Childhood Licensure (04) with Early Childhood Special Education and ESL Approval
  • ESL endorsement preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to exercise the responsibilities assigned to this is position.

Approximately August 23, 2021 to November 16, 2021


BA Step 1 provided in the 2020-21 Teacher's Salary Schedule

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