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School Nurse
2021-2022 School Year

Location: Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School


  1. New Jersey certification as a School Nurse.
  2. Such additional qualifications as the Board of Education may deem appropriate.
The School Nurse is directly responsible to the building principal and through him/her to the Assistant Superintendent and School Business Administrator or their designees.  She/he works in consultation with the appropriate Nurse Coordinator and through him/her with the district’s Coordinator of Medical Services.
In consultation with the Nurse Coordinator and in accordance with law and board policy, the School Nurse works with parents/guardians, school and district staff members, medical professionals and community agencies to help each student maintain optimum health.
Ten-month contract consistent with the agreement negotiated with the applicable bargaining unit.
Based on the performance of the responsibilities identified in this position description, and the criteria and procedures of the applicable evaluation policy.  See Policy 4118, Evaluation of Tenured Teaching Staff Members and Policy 4119, Evaluation of Non-Tenured Teaching Staff Members.
  1. Specific Responsibilities
    1. Serves as a consultant to other school personnel on health matters.
    2. Assists in the Health Education Program by teaching selected topics and grades.
    3. Provides students with individual health counseling and guidance.
    4. Schedules and assists with examinations performed by the school physician.
    5. Collects and maintains physical and dental reports.
    6. Acquaints staff members with physical and psychological problems of individual students that may affect the student’s adjustment in the classroom.
    7. Conducts auditory, visual, tuberculin, scoliosis and growth screening tests as required by law and board policy.
    8. Interprets findings and encourages families to seek correction for remediable defects.
    9. Initiates, or assists in determining the need for, special services and provides referrals to school or county agencies for homebound instruction or other required supportive services.
    10. Advises appropriate district personnel of the reason for a need to exclude students from school for various physical or psychological reasons.
    11. Approves readmission of students, where necessary, following illness or medical exclusion from school.
    12. Evaluates symptoms of physical complaint and provides first-aid where deemed necessary.
    13. Fulfills school responsibilities for obtaining necessary medical care where problem is urgent and parents/guardians cannot be contacted, and notified the building principal and the Superintendent of serious emergencies.
    14. Explains school health and safety policies to parents/guardians, students and school personnel.
    15. Oversees the implementation of the Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan at the school level.
    16. Oversees the school’s procedures for determining eligibility of students for free or reduced price meals/milk under the National School Lunch Program.
    17. Keeps confidential cumulative records up-to-date for each student, including test results, examinations, referrals, corrections, illnesses, accidents, conferences and medical-psychological recommendations.
    18. Prepares and processes such reports dictated by school, district or state policy.
    19. Takes responsibility for the care, storage, inventory and requisition of health equipment and supplies.
    20. Takes an active part in the frequent re-evaluation and revision of school safety procedures.
    21. Administers medication only when so directed by a licensed physician.
  1. General Professional Responsibilities
    1. Demonstrates proficiency in the use of English by communicating with reasonable clarity, conciseness and precision in both speaking and writing.
    2. Participates in solving classroom and school problems and seeks resolution through appropriate channels.
    3. Cooperates in the total school program by:
      1. Sharing responsibility for care of materials, equipment and facilities;
      2. Sharing responsibility for students’ behavior throughout the building;
      3. Working with colleagues to improve the effectiveness of the total school program;
      4. Participating in school activities.
    4. Cooperates in curriculum development and evaluation activities by participating in the planning and implementation of programs.
    5. Established and follows an individual program of professional renewal in such areas as:
      1. How children learn
        1. Current approaches to discipline
        2. Alternative instructional strategies;
        3. Updated curriculum materials;
        4. Current theory and practice in his/her field.
  1. Other Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Performs other duties and responsibilities incidental to the position or as assigned by the building principal(s), Coordinator of Medical Services, Assistant Superintendent, and/or School Business Administrator or their designees.

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