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TITLE:                        Speech-Language Pathologist

  1. Valid State of Connecticut certificate as Speech and Language Pathologist (061) and a valid State of Connecticut Department of Public Health License.
  2. Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).
  3. Additional qualifications as the New London Board of Education may find appropriate and desirable.
  1. Bilingual Spanish and English
REPORTS TO:           Executive Director of School and Family Support Services or designee
JOB GOAL:               To provide a continuum of comprehensive services for students (3-21) with communication impairments which negatively impact access to the general education curriculum, including diagnostic, remedial, developmental, and consultative assistance.
  1. Participate as part of a Planning and Placement Team (PPT) to evaluate, diagnose and identify students with communication deficits which negatively impact academic achievement in the following areas: educational, socio-emotional, and/or vocational development.
  1. Participate with the PPT to design and implement individual educational plans (IEP) to meet the language, speech, and hearing needs of students identified with communication delays/disorders.
  1. Provide direct and/or consultative services to students identified with communication disorders/delays.
  1. Provide information to teachers regarding speech/language development, voice, language, hearing and fluency impairments and in making appropriate referrals.
  1. Participate in screenings to identify students who may be delayed or at risk for communication deficits.
  1. Monitor the progress of students who may be at-risk for communication impairments through the (Scientifically Research Based Intervention) SRBI model.
  1. Assist in proper referrals of students to agencies and specialists as appropriate.
  1. Develop and assist in the implementation of instructional and curricular modifications to accommodate student’s communication impairments.
  1. Provide strategies and/or materials that promote communication development to families, classroom teachers, and other professionals for identified students as well as for the general school population.
  1. Provide information and counseling to parents and families regarding the nature of their child’s communication impairment and the educational, social, and vocational implications as appropriate.
  1. Collaborate with school personnel to monitor FM sound field systems.
  1. Collaborate with other professionals to determine the need for assistive technology devices/services.
  1. Collaborate with other professionals in planning, implementing, and monitoring assistive technology devices and programs.
  1. Maintain student and program records, both paper and electronic.
  1. Write reports to indicate whether a student qualifies for speech/language services.
  1. Complete Medicaid billing.
  1. Perform other related tasks as the Executive Director of School and Family Support Services or designee may from time to time assign.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:           As determined by the New London Board of Education and the Teachers’ Bargaining Unit.
EVALUATION: Annually by the School Administrator or Executive Director of School and Family Support Services in accordance with A Guide to Teacher Evaluation and Professional Development for the New London Public Schools (Adopted: 8/19/2010).
DATE:            February, 1982
REVISED:      April 30, 1992
                       March 9, 1995
                       February 2012
                       April 18, 2019
New London Public Schools
New London, Connecticut

New London Public School District is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
Candidates from diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply.



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