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4601 Sauk Trail
Richton Park, IL 60474
TITLE:  District Wide Primary Education Teacher
QUALIFICATIONS:     1.         Meets Illinois license requirements
                                    2.         Such other qualifications as the Board or Superintendent may deem appropriate
REPORTS TO:   Building principal
 1.      Teaches assigned programs and curriculum adopted by the Board of Education.
 2.      Implements the District's philosophy, mission, goals, and objectives by instruction and action.
 3.      Encourages students to set and maintain high standards of academic achievement and behavior.
 4.      Guides the learning process toward the achievement of curriculum goals and, in harmony with the goals, establishes and communicates clear objectives for all lessons, units, and projects.
 5.      Develops appropriate lesson plans, utilizes effective instructional materials, and provides individualized and small group instruction when appropriate to adapt the curriculum to the needs of students.
 6.      Translates lesson plans into effective learning experiences so as to best utilize the time required for instruction.
 7.      Utilizes effective discipline procedures that reflect school guidelines.
 8.      Maintains the primary responsibility for the maintenance of discipline within the classroom.
 9.      Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior necessary to achieve an appropriate learning atmosphere.
10.     Inspects the classroom and common areas of the school, such as hallways, cafeteria, etc., for dangerous or unsafe conditions.
11.     Supervises students during fire drills, tornado drills and other safety activities.
12.     Develops appropriate standards for students behavior in the classroom which minimize the risk of personal injury and property damage.
13.     Recommends practices and procedures designed to maintain safe, healthful school facilities and grounds.
14.     Identifies to the principal strangers or suspicious-looking individuals in school facilities or on school grounds.
15.     Evaluates students' academic and social growth, keeps appropriate records, and prepares progress reports.
16.     Communicates with parents through conferences and other means to share grading procedures, to interpret the school program, and to discuss students' progress.
17.     Identifies student needs and cooperates with other professional staff members to assess students' health, attitudes, and strengths and weaknesses.
18.     Creates an effective setting for learning through a functional, organized, safe, and instructional appropriate environment.
19. Maintains professional, technical, and instructional competence through staff development opportunities

20. Assists in the effective administration of group standardized tests in accordance with the District and state testing programs

21. Participates in meetings and activities, as required

22. Plans and supervises purposesful activities for teacher aide/s and volunteers, as appropriate

23. Establishes positive relationships with parents/guardians and other staff members

24. Adheres to the policies and procedures of the District


EVALUATION: Building Principal

Please apply online at www.sd162.org

Submit your resume, credentials, license and at least 3 references to 4601 Sauk Trail Richton Park, IL 60471


email: lstanton@sd162.org or doug.hamliton@sd162.org
Matteson School District 162 is an equal opportunity employer.

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