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        1. Hold a high school diploma or equivalency

  1.   Ability to follow written and oral procedures

  2.   Must be neat and clean

  3.   Ability to communicate orally and in writing 

5. Submit a satisfactory background check as requested


REPORTS TO:     Custodial Supervisor.


GOAL:   To maintain fully-functional, as well as neat and clean school facilities   


RESPONSIBILITIES:  This job description is a guide.  Its intent is not to limit the good judgment or ambition of the person in this position.    


  1. Mop corridors near the entrances as soon as students are in their classrooms.

  2. Empty wastebaskets.

  3.     Clean and disinfect sinks, toilets, toilet seats, urinals, drinking fountains and metal fittings, mirrors, 

chrome fixtures, and writing from walls, stalls, floors, etc.  

Empty sanitary napkins from receptacles in girls’ and women’s restrooms.

4. Sweep the cafeteria floors and arrange the seating after the lunch period.  The floor should be mopped and washed as needed.

  5. Sweep all classrooms and office rooms.

  6. Sweep (dry mop) all corridors after pupils are in their classrooms in the morning and at the close of the school day.  Clean stairways.

  7. Clean classroom sinks.

  8. Sweep outside walks to the entrances of the building.

  9. Sweep the gymnasium.

10.        Remove marks on walls and furniture as soon as detected.

11. Clean soiled areas in case of illness of pupils or other occupants of the building.

12. Clean auditorium.

13. Clean both sides of building entrance glass or windows.

14. See that all doors and windows are securely locked before leaving the building.

15. Pick up debris from the grounds, trim shrubbery, and remove lawn clippings from the grounds.

16. Mop, wax, and buff corridors.

17. Dust school and office rooms.  This includes shelves, classroom furniture, cases, map racks, window sills, etc.  It should be done more often if needed.

18. Wash cafeteria walls near garbage pails.

19. Clean all chalkboards, chalk trays and erasers.

20. Mop and disinfect shower room.

21.        Replenish supplies of toilet tissue, paper towels, and liquid soap in all dispensers.

22. Remove and clean all light fixtures.

23.        Clean windows on inside.  The outside of windows should be cleaned once yearly during the

summer, or as needed.

24. Repair any equipment, furniture, or structure i.e. screws into furniture, replace feet to chairs, etc.

25. Painting during summer months as directed by the building-services supervisor.

26. Check the thermostats, fans, etc.

27. Check in freight.

28. Remove broken or cracked glass.

29. Make minor plumbing, electrical, and hardware repairs.

30. Keep supply rooms and custodian’s rooms neat and clean.

31. Replace light bulbs as required.

32. Strip, wax and buff classroom floors as needed.

33. Remove snow and ice from all entrances and exits.  Free operation of doors should be insured.

34. Maintain an appropriate rapport with co-workers.

35. Communicate effectively with the supervisor.

36. Comply with all Board of Education policies.

37. Complete all other building service-related duties assigned by the building services supervisor, principal or superintendent.  

38. Maintain a friendly and helpful attitude with students, staff and the general public.


[Approved: 01-10-00]

[Revised: March 13, 2006]

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