Cafeteria Cashier

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Business Education


Hours:  10:15 - 1:15PM


  1. High School Diploma or Equivalent.
  2. Demonstrated record of successful employment.
  3. Ability to work without close supervision.
  4. Have knowledge and understanding of how to operate computers and programs.
  5. Level I ServSafe Food Handler Certificate is required.
  6. Must complete all training as required by Sylvania Schools and/or the Ohio Department of Education and Department of Health.
  1. Report to cafeteria coordinator for daily assignment.
  2. Responsible for any segment of the cafeteria operation such as assisting with food preparation, serving, or any phase of the clean-up operation, ordering supplies, inventory, or putting away stock.
  3. Learn and operate Mosaic Food Services Software.
  4. Must follow Sylvania Schools guidelines as established for proper handling of all cash receipts and balances.  May be asked to help with the end-of-day deposits.
  5. May be asked to rotate and fill in for cafeteria coordinator, assistant coordinator, server, or dishwasher when they are absent.
  6. May be asked to assist with washing dishes, pots and pans, and any segment of the cafeteria operation such as assisting with food preparation, cashier, or any phase of the clean-up operation, and stocking supplies.
  7. Promote safety and health standards beneficial to the welfare of the Food Services program.
  8. Observe sanitation practices designated by the Health Department of the State of Ohio (SERV-SAFE, HACCP).
  9. Work harmoniously with staff and students.
  10. Follow good food services practices pertaining to dress and conduct.
  11. Responsible to enter personal absences on AESOP and Time Clock Plus, and to communicate same-day absences to the Food Services Director or Human Resources.
  12. Responsible to check your district email account on a regular basis, and to
  communicate as needed via email. 
  1. Perform such other tasks and assume such other responsibilities in the building as necessary to assure the successful operation of the cafeteria.

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