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Coach - Color Guard 
Site: Olathe High School
Season: 2021-2022 (position will start in August 2021)

May include:
•Plan, organize, coordinate, and participate in the school site inter­scholastic sports program.
•Plan, organize, and coordinate sports activities and training workouts, and coaches individuals concerning specific physical performance activities and procedures.
•Instruct and demonstrate the prin­ciples, methods and techniques of regulating the movement of body, hands, feet to achieve maximum proficiency in the related sport activity.
•Observe sport participants during practice and workout sessions to detect and correct errors in activity procedures and methods.
•Instruct, explain and enforce health and safety rules and regulations.
•Develop and implement physical conditioning programs that allows athletes to achieve maximum performance.
•Review, audit and monitor sport activity related injuries and determines the most appro­priate time for an athlete to return to active sport participation.
•Select or assist in the selection of interscholastic sport activity uniforms and related sport apparatus and equipment.
•Assess the athletic team skills and abilities and the opponents capabilities and determines game strategies.

  •  Has the ability to organize and supervise a total Color Guard  program. 
  • The head coach must have substantial knowledge of the technical aspects of the sport and, at the same time, must continue to examine new theories and procedures pertinent to the field. 
  • The head coach must serve as an appropriate role model for student athletes through his/her instructions and actions. 
REPORTS TO: The athletic director, who provides overall objectives and final evaluation in conjunction with the high school principals 

All Coaches and Assistant Coaches are requried to have a full background check run by the Montrose County School District Prior to being hired.
All Coaches and Assistant Coaches will follow all MCSD Policies and Procedures as well as CHASSA.

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