2021-2022 Opening: Elementary School Special Education Teacher

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English as a Second Language (EFL/ELL/ESL/ESOL)
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  • Report to building Principal, Supervisor and/or Director of Special Services.
  • Supervise students and, when assigned, student teachers and classroom aides; and in out-of-classroom activities, as assigned.
  • Provide instruction to classified students in accordance with each student's individualized education program (IEP).
  • Identify student needs and cooperate with other professional staff members in assessing and resolving learning problems.
  • Develop lesson plans and instructional materials, and provide individualized and small group instruction to meet the needs of each student.
  • Work to achieve state core curriculum content standards and district educational goals and objectives by promoting active learning in the classroom using board-adopted curriculum and other appropriate learning activities.
  • Devise written and oral assignments and tests that require analytical and critical thinking as well as the reproduction of facts.
  • Set specific objectives wherever possible in lesson preparation and weekly lesson plans, and carry through presentation to effectively achieve these objectives.
  • Assess student academic progress and personal growth toward stated objectives of instruction.
  • Work cooperatively with regular education teaching staff to coordinate instructional activities and to monitor the progress of each student; and provide support instruction in the regular classroom or resource center as assigned.
  • Maintain records of each student's educational progress in class record books and/or board-approved forms, and summarize these marks for reporting purposes.
  • Establish and maintain standards of student behavior needed to achieve a classroom climate conducive to learning.
  • Budget class time effectively.
  • Consult with members of the Child Study Team (CST) regarding each student's educational program, academic program and personal growth; and meet at least once annually with the case manager, parents and other professional staff to review and revise the individualized education program and placement of each assigned student.
  • Complete relevant paperwork necessary for the development of student IEPs, electronically or on paper.
  • Communicate with parents through conferences and other means to inform them about the school program and to discuss student progress.
  • Participate in the development of the district's plan for special education.
  • Maintain professional competence and continuous improvement through in-service education and other professional growth activities.
  • Participate in school-level planning, faculty meetings/committees, and other school system groups.
  • Make effective use of community resources to enhance the instructional program.
  • Uphold and enforce school rules, administrative regulations and board policy.
  • Perform other duties within the scope of employment and certification, as may be assigned.

Requirements & Qualifications

  • NJ Teacher of Students with Disabilities or Teacher of the Handicapped Certification 
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge of effective teaching methods
  • Ability to maintain a positive learning environment
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Criminal history background check
  • Proof of US citizenship or legal resident alien status


Per Hoboken Education Association (HEA) Contract


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