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Position Areas
Instructional Support


•      5 or more years of successful teaching/instructional coaching experience preferred
•      Must possess a Professional Educators License Education/ Special Education (LBS1)
•      9-month, full-time position
•      Effective: 2021/2022 School Year
Job Description: The MTSS Coordinator will support students and teachers with the current framework that is in place for KSD #111 and take a leadership role that is aligned to the vision of the district and Student Support Services.
Performance Measures:
•    Support teachers with effective practices related to accommodations, modifications, differentiation, and interventions
•    Coach teachers on best practices as it relates to teaching and learning
•    Facilitate IEP Meetings and act as an LEA
•    Assume any teaching responsibilities/interventions based on needs of students
The MTSS Coordinator will take on the role of the former IEP Coordinators and additional responsibilities as listed below:
•    Coordinate academic and behavioral interventions.
•    Assist in planning the courses of study and the curriculum that will assist the students in achieving his/her goals.
•    Develop framework for SSS schedules and how they fit into the master schedule.
•    Assist in identifying and providing needed academic/ behavioral strategies and interventions to assist the student in the general education setting.
•    Provide strategies (coaching) for effectively teaching the students, including appropriate accommodations and/or modifications so that the student can successfully access the general curriculum.
•    Ensure that services provided by contractual personnel are of high quality, provided in the LRE, and are aligned with students' IEPs/504 plans.
•    Effectively communicate to parents and guardians the problem solving and special education process
Including process for referrals, evaluations, annual IEPs/504 plans, and re-evaluations as well as parental rights granted by IDEA .
•    Facilitating lEP meetings using a strengths based and family centered approach.
•    Coordinating with student's special education team to ensure all documents are completed in a timely manner (according to state and school policies and procedures) prior to the meeting.
•    Connect with special education team to ensure all team members (including parents) are prepared for the content of the meeting.
•    Coordinating with special education team to complete quarterly IEP progress reports and provide quarterly
IEP progress reports to parents/guardians.
•    Maintaining student files (paper and electronic) according to standards.
•    Providing training and technical assistance to case managers, teachers, related service providers and support service professionals on all aspects of cases management:  use of Skyward for the RTI/MTSS and special education process, writing of goals, progress      reports, annual reviews and parent communication.
•    Ensuring IEPs are developmentally appropriate, curriculum/standards-based, strength based, and relevant to individual students.
•    Work to maintain LEA tracking and data systems: monthly internal audits of IEP's and review of# of students receiving services.
•    Attend all IEP meetings.
•    Document and support parents and guardians through concerns
•    Ensure that all ESY planning needs are met
•    Report to the Supervisor and Director of Student Support Services any compliance issues related to case manager responsibilities
Interested candidates should apply online at:
Applications accepted until position is filled

Dr. Kathleen O'Connor
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources


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