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TITLE: Agriculture Teacher/FFA Advisor
A successful agriculture educator and FFA advisor in the Jefferson School District must perform duties to facilitate a successful program. It is the responsibility of the teacher to organize and conduct an instructional program that will:

A. Improve the quality of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources education instruction, counseling, management, and leadership to produce success for all students;
B. Use strategies for integrating academic and Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources education;
C. Contribute to the educational objectives of the public school system by providing information to agriculture, food, and natural resources students about career pathways as a guide to achieving necessary skills for continued education and employment;
D. Provide students with educational and equitable experiences leading to career exploration, and continued education;
E. Enhance youth leadership and FFA as an integral part of instruction;
F. Inform students about agriculture and agricultural literacy.
REPORTS TO: Building Administrator
In order to accomplish these responsibilities, the teacher will perform the following activities during and after school hours.

1. Instructional Program
The teacher will conduct an instructional program:
A. Lesson plans prepared, aligned with school policy, for all courses offered;
B. Instructional materials and instructional methods used to make teaching and learning effective;
C. Basic skills and abilities of students developed in the school learning environment.
D. Maintain accurate educational assessments, reports and grades.
2. FFA/Leadership Development
The FFA is an integral part of the instructional program. The program has an active FFA chapter. It is the duty of the teacher to serve as advisor for the local chapter. It is necessary that the teacher spend time in planning and conducting leadership, citizenship, and cooperative activities for students at the district, state, and national levels.

3. Supervised Agricultural experience programs of all students who receive instruction. This will include, but not limited to:
            A. Assisting students in selecting a program that fits their interests and abilities;
B. Maintain records; all students in Agriculture Science and FFA should maintain records using The Agricultural Experience Tracker (AET).
C. Making supervisory visits during school year and during summer; including supervising student projects at the Jefferson County Fair.
4. Adult Community Involvement
A. Cooperate with the Technical Advisory Committee.
B. Plan and conduct an organized program of instruction and/or community involvement with adults. This may include, but not limited to alumni, young farmers, and booster clubs. Most of this instruction will be given after school, at night and during the summer.
5. Records and Reports
Prepare and submit FFA rosters, entries, registrations, etc. required by the local, district, area, state, and office promptly, and keep an accurate file copy of all records and reports.

6. Public and Professional Relations
Assume a responsible role in public and professional relations by actively participating in civic, professional, agricultural and other community organizations. Also keep the public informed as a part of the public relations program.

7. Professional Improvement
               A. Continue professional growth by holding membership in professional organizations.
B. Regularly attend and participate in district and area in-service meeting.
C. Attend summer workshops that are designed to provide professional skills and information.
D. Attend Summer Ag Inservice and CTE REACH Conference.
E. Dress and conduct themselves in accord with professional standards. 

8. Evaluation of Program
Evaluation of the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources program shall be done on an organized and annual basis. This should be accomplished by using the IQPS report.

9. Maintain Facilities and Equipment
Maintain facilities and equipment through properly arranging and maintaining educational facilities. Equipment and facilities are to be inventoried annually.

10. Guidance
The teacher has a definite responsibility for providing information to students about career pathways as a guide to achieving necessary skills for continued education and employment. This may be done in cooperation with the guidance counselor.

11. Cooperative Activities
As a member of the local school faculty, the agricultural science teacher is expected to cooperate fully with local administrators and keep them informed about the program. The teacher is also expected to work closely with the high school agriculture education program and FFA chapter.

12. Off- Campus Supervision of Students
Supervise students at all off-campus activities such as conventions, contests, workshops, field trips, etc., associated with the agricultural education program and the FFA.

13. Professional Ethics
Maintain professional and personal ethics in dealing with students, parents, community leaders, etc. You are a person of influence in the community.

14. Summer Programs
Teachers on an extended contract should maintain a summer program that includes FFA activities, teacher in-service, program development, educational activities and supervision of student projects at the Jefferson County Fair. Teachers should work with their administration to develop and carry out these programs.

By contract as determined by the Board of Trustees in accordance with federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy.

Performance of this position will be evaluated annually by the building principal in conformance with district policy.


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