Substitute Bus Associate

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The Glenwood Community School District is taking applications for substitute bus associates.  Starting hourly wage is $12.90 per hour.  This is an "on-call" position and does not include paid benefits.



Position:                    Regular and Special Education Bus Associate 


  • HS Diploma or the equivalent

  • Ability to operate electric lift equipment

  • Knowledge of handicap safety equipment

  • Demonstrate competency to perform assigned tasks

Essential Function:

  • Ability to lift students off the bus in case of an emergency

Reports To:                Director of Operations

Consults With:          Transportation Staff and Assigned bus driver

Position Goal:

  • To assist in providing safe loading and unloading on a school bus of students with special needs.

  • To assist in student behavior management on board the bus.

Performance Responsibilities:

  • Attendance is necessary to be successful in this position.

  • Assist bus driver with loading and unloading of wheelchairs.

  • Help special needs students on and off school bus as needed.

  • Monitor and report condition of all handicap equipment as needed.

  •  Assist bus driver with emergency evaluation if need arises.

  • Be able to get on and off of a bus.

  • Must be mobile and able to move from seat to seat to address concerns when bus is stopped.

  • Be able to tolerate temperatures in excess of 90 degrees during routes depending on season.

  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Terms of Employment:        Days students are in school and as needed for summer school.  Wage schedules shall be subject to annual review and modification by the Glenwood Board of Education or through the collective bargaining process, where one exists.    

 Evaluation:                Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Classified Staff Evaluation.




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