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Job Description
Position Title:  Assistant Principal
Position Salary:  Salary ($64,441 annual) / Exempt
Position Hours:  Full-time; Monday – Friday; extended workdays; occasional weekends.
Length of Term/Employment:  220 workdays / At-will
Reports to:  Campus Principal

Position Mission:  The Assistant Principal will assist the Campus Principal in developing and implementing campuses / district programs.

  • Education:
  • Master’s Degree in Education.
  • Certifications:
  • Valid Texas Principal/Mid-Management Certification.
  • Advancing Education Leadership (AEL) current certification, and 
  • T-TESS certified appraiser
  • Skills:
  • Knowledge of school law, finance, curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Able to manage budget and personnel.
  • Able to interpret policy, procedures, and data.
  • Exceptional organizational, communication, public relations, and soft skills.
  • Primary Role:
  • Assist charter principal in instructional program administration and charter level operations.
  • Organize student activities and services.
  • Experience:
  • Minimum of three years documented successful classroom experience.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Instructional Management:
  • Assist in planning and assessing the educational programs.
  • Encourage planning of innovative education programs, assist teachers in implementing such efforts when appropriate.
  • Encourage the use of technology in the instructional process.
  • Charter Atmosphere:
  • Encourage a constructive, thoughtful climate for learning.
  • Promote equity of students and staff from all cultural backgrounds.
  • Communicate with students and staff in an effective manner.
  • Charter Improvement:
  • Assist in organization of school improvement plan with staff, parents and community members.
  • Help principal design, manage and implement information systems to manage and track progress on charter goals and academic excellence indicators.
  • Personnel Management:
  • Hold employee evaluation conferences based on records of performance evaluation.
  • Assist principal in interviewing, selecting and orienting new charter employees.
  • Administration and Fiscal/Facilities Management:
  • Oversee charter campus instruction and operations in principal’s absence.
  • Assist in scheduling student activities by participating in the development of class schedules, teacher assignments and extracurricular activity schedules.
  • Oversee student attendance records and assist the attendance clerk on truancy issues.
  • Document needs of charter facilities in order to compile yearly budget with charter administrators and staff.
  • Requisition supplies, textbooks and equipment; verify inventory; manage records; and confirm receipts for materials.
  • Aid in safety drill practices and inspections.
  • Manage support services including transportation, custodial and cafeteria. Abide by all federal and state laws that apply to charter schools, Commissioner’s Rules that apply to charter schools and charter policy.
  • Student Management:
  • Provide for supervision of students during non-instructional hours.
  • Help students develop a positive behavior through a student discipline management system.
  • Provide for uniform enforcement of school rules and oversee appropriate and reasonable student discipline.
  • Hold parent/teacher/student conferences in regard to student and school issues.\

  • Perform other duties that may be assigned by the Campus Principal.
?Charter and Community Responsibilities:
  • Convey the charter’s mission to the public and encourage support in accomplishing the mission.
  • Illustrate understanding of charter and community needs and foster activities to meet those needs.
  • Demonstrate use of productive and efficient skills to raise community and parent involvement.
  • Actively participate in student recruitment efforts.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
  • Share supervisory duties for charter professional staff with charter principal. Oversee teachers, custodians, paraprofessionals, clerical personnel and others as assigned.

Job Related Conditions:
  • Maintain control in stressful situations.
  • Travel may be required.
  • Extended and irregular hours.

The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.

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