Personal Care Assistant

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Personal Care Assistant
Assist the Special Education Teacher with the educational, physical, and emotional issues of special needs student(s), ensuring a safe, caring and learning environment.
Assist assigned student(s) with classroom assignments, tests, activities, etc., ensuring student(s) understand all assignments given by the teachers. Assist in developing and maintaining a positive classroom environment to encourage positive behavior from student(s). Oversee instructional activities as directed by the teacher and monitor results. Implement positive behavior support plan and monitor student(s) progress. Document and report relevant information regarding student(s) progress, behavioral changes, or physical needs to the teacher using mandated daily log. Maintain daily communication with the general classroom teacher, the special education teacher, related service providers and parent/guardian. Perform some clerical duties such as copying, typing, filing and etc. Ensure a safe, environment conducive to learning. Assist student(s) to appropriate classrooms as needed; assist student(s) on field trips and community based instruction. Assist student(s) with personal care needs as required i.e. dressing, toileting and hygiene needs etc. Attend in-service programs and maintain Highly Qualified Status (HQT) per Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) requirements. Perform other duties as assigned by the Special Education Teacher.
High school diploma or equivalent is necessary. Must be able to work with student(s). Previous experience with special needs student(s) preferred. Must have or be willing to secure certification for CPR and First Aide.

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